The Buick Club of America builds community around the classic

Owners of all cars are proud, however, people who own a Buick are a unique and enthusiastic group indeed.

They assemble as The Buick Club of America, but you don’t have to be a Buick owner to join the club; you just have to love Buick.

My grandfather once said to me as a child a Buick is the most luxurious car you can own.

He would have been a member of The Buick Club of America if he had been aware such club existed. Established in 1966, this non-profit organization is going strong, continually growing.

It has a specific and simple mission: the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation.

The Buick Club of America is a highly active club with online and real-life interactions for those who love Buicks.

You can locate upcoming national Buick events online at The Buick Club of America website.

There’s contact information about each of the chapters and regions and a hearty forum that discusses matters of Buick performance, and a way to buy and sell Buicks and their parts. This highly engaged forum will keep you discussing Buicks for hours.

You can also join the club online and receive regular magazines and newsletters about what The Buick Club of America is doing as well as updates on Buick the brand and the car.

There’s an equally active group on Facebook for The Buick Club of America that’s comprised of more than 3, 400 people who chat daily about the beauty of Buick.

Check out a few of the beautiful posts that have created excitement among the Buick enthusiasts on Facebook:


The group is about community and story sharing:

They share videos. Here’s an interesting documentary about the history of Buick


Buick – History Documentary (1995)


They post their classics:

You’ll find all sorts of rarities posted by followers:


Where did it come from?


How do you measure brand loyalty?


Found some Buick nostalgia via an old ad too:

The Buick Club of America offers an outstanding experience for Buick owners and admirers alike!

All those times Buick LaCrosse made a cameo in film and you kind of gasped

The internet is amazing – granted – but when we set out to research the Buick LaCrosse in film or TV, we didn’t anticipate finding a populated find-your-car-in-media database. Or did we?

Internet Movie Cars Database is the go-to site if you’re curious about which movies or TV shows feature your vehicle.

The Buick LaCrosse, which entered the market in 2004, is featured 95 times in media, according to the IMCD collection.

IMCD categorizes scenes with a star ranking: One star means the vehicle appears in the background; five starts means the vehicle is part of the film or show.

The LaCrosse’s highest star ranking is for the 2012 movie “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington. IMCD rated it with four stars, meaning the car is used a lot by a main character or for a long time in the movie.


Airplane Captain William “Whip” Whitaker

Denzel Washington, my hero!!!

A photo posted by Arash Tohidi (@captainarash) on

That’s airplane captain William “Whip” Whitaker in “Flight.”

The movie received best writing in original screenplay and best performance by leading actor Academy Award nominations; it also has a 78 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Buick Lacrosse also appeared in an episode of “Desperate Housewives.” You know, that show about wildly imaginative scenarios illustrating the competitive, oftentimes overwhelming lifestyles of four upper middle class women and their families.


LaCrosse on Desperate Housewives

IMCD visitors often provide context to the scenes.

“I think this is the car that Gabriel Solis [that’s Eva Longoria’s character] models for in the Fairview Mall (Season 1), in the episode where Tom and Lynette Scavo are buying a water heater in the mall,” IMCD commenter tsmith14 typed.

“Yes, it is that one,” IMCD commenter antp responded.

Fact, checked.

The 2010 Buick Lacrosse was featured on the CBS political drama “The Good Wife,” also receiving a four star ranking for that appearance.

Both “Desperate Housewives” and “The Good Wife” are available to stream on Netflix. See if you can spot the LaCrosse.


The Good Wife on Netflix

Wooow this is really asome #thegoodwife #aliciaflorrik #juliannamargulies #cbs #netflix #lawers

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The perks of owning an American classic car

Nothing can compare to the nostalgia you feel when you’re sitting at a stoplight and you see a well preserved Riviera drive pass you.

Everybody is looking.

Even though we enjoy the comforts of our new cars, there are some significant perks to owning an American classic car.

Classic cars appreciate.

They will take some work. However, you can usually do the work yourself or take them to a local mechanic.

You can usually purchase them at a low price and they will appreciate in financial value upon your personal investment of time back into your automobile.

Classic cars allow you to be self-sufficient in maintenance.

Classic cars will attract a certain type of car buyer, typically one that is familiar with the operation of an engine so the care and upkeep of the car can be done by the owner and they may not have to depend on the knowledge of a mechanic.

This will save an owner money and is a major perk.

You’re smog proof.

If you’re driving a classic car, you do not have to worry about passing those pesky smog tests because you’re grandfathered in.

If you list your beautiful, classic car with, they can show you how your car can receive amazing tax breaks and benefits. You’re able to write off the cost of your vehicles repairs, restoration, repairs, storage and more on your taxes!

Classic cars give your instant notoriety in your community.

People will ask you to be in parades, and they will request your car at local (or even national) festivals and car shows.

People will also stop you and ask you questions about the make and model of your car and other fun questions that anybody who loves their car will love to answer!

Classic cars are a beautiful part of American History and are fully appreciated by owners and admirers alike.

Here are a few styles by Buick lovers:



Just spotted this stunning classic Buick #vintagecar #classicbuick #retro #california

A photo posted by @museotraveller on



Buick Roadmaster Wagon (1991)

A photo posted by Original Car Spotting (@originalcarspotting) on







R U S T I C {1927 Buick}

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Women in STEM: 10 quotes by GM’s Alicia Boler-Davis

Alicia Boler-Davis was named senior vice president of Global Connected Customer Experience at General Motors last month.

We curated Boler-Davis interviews and speeches on YouTube, and here are 10 direct quotes from the mind making the connection between GM and you. Number one is ridiculously inspiring.

Let’s start with the basics. Boler-Davis recently – and by recently we mean earlier this month – told Fortune Magazine how she discovered her potential in engineering. She wasn’t born a VP, you know.

“In our house, if something broke, they always called me.”

“And in fact, I used to break things, so I could put them back together”

Her mind was ready. But, here’s how she put two and two together and realized her drive to break-and-fix and fix-and-break was called engineering.

“I like math and science, but I like to fix things; and someone said, ‘Oh, engineers do that,’ and I had no idea what an engineer did, and I was in middle school.”

“I remember walking around telling people ‘I’m going to be an engineer,’ but I didn’t really know what that meant.”

Boler-Davis has two young boys now. She said she’s noticed something in their classrooms: Girls are just as math inclined as boys at the elementary level.

“I don’t know what happens in middle school that we get discouraged or we dumb ourselves down to where we don’t believe we can do it, but I think that’s the critical point in middle school: encouraging girls that this is still good.”

Watch the full video below.


Fortune Magazine: Alicia Boler-Davis

Boler-Davis has been at GM since 1994. In these 20 years, her roles have included manufacturing engineer; plant manager – She’s the first black woman to hold this title at GM; vehicle chief engineer; VP of customer experience; and her current title.

She spoke to students at the University of California, Berkley Haas School of Business last year.

The topic was leadership. She said challenging the status quo is an important aspect of a leader.

“I’m not in this role to sit at the table and agree with everyone.”

“Driving change takes a lot of courage, and it takes the willingness to challenge an organization regardless of how big it is.”

It gets better.

“The easy thing to do is to keep doing what’s always been done, but challenging the status quo can show you things you didn’t know were possible.”

Almost there.

“When you do that, you’ll gain respect. You’ll gain respect from your team, from yours peers, and from your leaders because you’re operating on a value basis, to what’s important to you on principle.”

“I operate in principles, on ‘what’s the right thing to do,’ and if it’s not right, I’m not going to do it. If it’s not going to help us get better, then I’m not going to agree to it.”

Leadership: learn it.

Watch the full video below.


UC Berkeley Haas School of Business: Alicia Boler-Davis

10 auto-loving quotes from a man who devoted his life to car design

Edward T. Welburn – most of us in the automotive industry may have heard the name – but let me introduce you to the legend.

Welburn has been a General Motors employee for 35 years. He’s the current and first GM Vice President of Global Design. Yes, they actually created a VP position and title for him.

Welburn is also a true gentleman of class, hard work and lover of automotive design.

We’ve curated 10 quotes from interviews online that will make you smile, motivate you and remind you success is a slow, moderate and disciplined achievement.

Welburn was an honoree at the 2013 Trumpet Awards, and Houston Style Magazine got to chat with him at the red carpet.

10. “I always say the car is the star,” Welburn said. “…this time it’s an award I’m receiving. And I’m receiving an award for something that I enjoy doing. I have so much fun doing what I do.”

You’re a start too, Welburn. Here’s the video:


Edward T. Welburn Trumpet Awards Red Carpet

Welburn talks childhood aspirations for design, in addition to his rookie years at GM in the following Hagerty Classic Cars video.

9. The first thing I worked on – and it was just a little project, they always give the rookie something small – was to design a tail lamp for a Pontiac,” he said. “I was so excited for designing the tail lamp. That’s all it was.”

Quote number three is also from the 2013 interview. Welburn talks about one of his first orders as vice president: remaking the Stingray Racer.

8. “The car means so much to me and to all us of who love Corvette; and there’s a little bit of that car in every Corvette that’s been done since then” he said.

“…and as we started work on this new car, the C7, I wanted that emotion, that passion that was in that original Stingray Racer, to be a part of this car – a lot of the muscle tension that you see on this car comes from that original design.”

Lastly, Welburn reveals he has a secret studio, but not its location.

7. “Do I have a secret studio? Yes, I have a hidden studio,” he said. “And we call it Studio X… It’s a great idea because every now and then you want to work on a project in a very quiet location without the interruption… very few people know where Studio X is, including the employees that design.”

Here’s the video:


2014 Corvette Stingray – Ed Welburn Interview

Now let’s travel to a type of event which once upon a time assured Welburn of his auto design career: auto shows.

Steve Hood from TV show Detroit Wants 2 Know talked to Welburn at a 2013 auto show.

Let’s talk about Stingray a little bit more.

6. “Every car designer dreams of designing a Corvette,” Welburn said. “They dream of it, but only a few of them have an opportunity to do it. And I got to tell you – You don’t want to be the designer who screws up the Corvette either.”

Later, Hood brought up an old car of his, the 2000 C5. Hood told Welburn he can’t picture a better car to this day.

5. “We’ve gone so far beyond that car,” Welburn said. “… That’s the way it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to just get better with each year.”


Now, let’s chat about younger consumers. How do you get to them, Welburn?

4. “If you are going to appeal to younger customer, you cannot do what you have always done.”

That mentality explains Buick’s new, expectation-shattering designs. Yup, that’s a plug.

Talk shifts to the Silverado, and Hood asks what type of consulting Welburn did prior to a redesign.

3. “You got to talk to costumers; you got to spend time when them; you got to go to where they are and see how they’re using that vehicle,” Welburn told Hood. “… really, really intimately understanding what they want their truck to do.”

A man of the people.

And, in the topic of college and scholarship, Welburn – a Howard University alum – recalled those years.

2. “Creativity was around me,” he told Hood about the Howard University School of Fine Arts. “Not just in art and design, but music and drama was there – It was everywhere.”

What about college distractions, Welburn?

1. “I’ve been on a mission since I was a kid,” Welburn told Hood.

“It was at an auto show like this. I was eight years old and I walked in with my parents and saw this Cadillac concept car, and I said ‘When I grow up I want to be a car designer for that company.’”

See the full interview below:


Steve Hood with Ed Welburn

Remember the time Buick retweeted your here’s-my-new-car photo? We do.

There’s nothing like when somebody you admire retweets your tweet, right? You take a screenshot and tweet that because you want everybody to know important people see, read and retweet your Tweets.

Well, what about when a mega brand like Buick RT’s your new car Selfie? Excitement is putting it mildly.

Check out these Buick owners and the photos they took that were retweeted by Buick’s twitter account:


Regal GS

This Buick driver is super excited about his new Regal GS! He loves the way that it handles and Buick loves his beautiful new car selfie.



Ice on the roads is something that you would love to know about before it happens. This Buick driver was so pleased with this smart safety feature, the driver had to tweet it, and, of course, Buick retweeted it!


RT: Buick LaCrosse

This LaCrosse driver and Buick Fan of the Week boasts that he’s only 27 years old and this is his second Buick. @Buick reminds him that “Good taste is ageless.”


RT: Buick Encore

For all of us animal lovers, this scene is very familiar. Your pooches, your Buick and your life blowing in the wind. This is an Encore-lovers team!


RT: Buick Verano

Everybody loves a Buick, even the kids. Jessica’s son loves their new Verano.


RT: Buick LaCrosse, again

This Buick driver is used to three rows of seats, but she gets everything that she needs out of this luxury LaCrosse!

Do you have a selfie with your Buick? If not, go ahead and take one! Tweet @Buick using the Hashtag #ThoseAreBuicks for your chance to be retweeted by an American great!