The perks of owning an American classic car


Nothing can compare to the nostalgia you feel when you’re sitting at a stoplight and you see a well preserved Riviera drive pass you.

Everybody is looking.

Even though we enjoy the comforts of our new cars, there are some significant perks to owning an American classic car.

Classic cars appreciate.

They will take some work. However, you can usually do the work yourself or take them to a local mechanic.

You can usually purchase them at a low price and they will appreciate in financial value upon your personal investment of time back into your automobile.

Classic cars allow you to be self-sufficient in maintenance.

Classic cars will attract a certain type of car buyer, typically one that is familiar with the operation of an engine so the care and upkeep of the car can be done by the owner and they may not have to depend on the knowledge of a mechanic.

This will save an owner money and is a major perk.

You’re smog proof.

If you’re driving a classic car, you do not have to worry about passing those pesky smog tests because you’re grandfathered in.

If you list your beautiful, classic car with, they can show you how your car can receive amazing tax breaks and benefits. You’re able to write off the cost of your vehicles repairs, restoration, repairs, storage and more on your taxes!

Classic cars give your instant notoriety in your community.

People will ask you to be in parades, and they will request your car at local (or even national) festivals and car shows.

People will also stop you and ask you questions about the make and model of your car and other fun questions that anybody who loves their car will love to answer!

Classic cars are a beautiful part of American History and are fully appreciated by owners and admirers alike.

Here are a few styles by Buick lovers:



Just spotted this stunning classic Buick #vintagecar #classicbuick #retro #california

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Buick Roadmaster Wagon (1991)

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R U S T I C {1927 Buick}

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