The Buick Club of America builds community around the classic

Owners of all cars are proud, however, people who own a Buick are a unique and enthusiastic group indeed.

They assemble as The Buick Club of America, but you don’t have to be a Buick owner to join the club; you just have to love Buick.

My grandfather once said to me as a child a Buick is the most luxurious car you can own.

He would have been a member of The Buick Club of America if he had been aware such club existed. Established in 1966, this non-profit organization is going strong, continually growing.

It has a specific and simple mission: the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation.

The Buick Club of America is a highly active club with online and real-life interactions for those who love Buicks.

You can locate upcoming national Buick events online at The Buick Club of America website.

There’s contact information about each of the chapters and regions and a hearty forum that discusses matters of Buick performance, and a way to buy and sell Buicks and their parts. This highly engaged forum will keep you discussing Buicks for hours.

You can also join the club online and receive regular magazines and newsletters about what The Buick Club of America is doing as well as updates on Buick the brand and the car.

There’s an equally active group on Facebook for The Buick Club of America that’s comprised of more than 3, 400 people who chat daily about the beauty of Buick.

Check out a few of the beautiful posts that have created excitement among the Buick enthusiasts on Facebook:


The group is about community and story sharing:

They share videos. Here’s an interesting documentary about the history of Buick


Buick – History Documentary (1995)


They post their classics:

You’ll find all sorts of rarities posted by followers:


Where did it come from?


How do you measure brand loyalty?


Found some Buick nostalgia via an old ad too:

The Buick Club of America offers an outstanding experience for Buick owners and admirers alike!