Celebrate The Witching Season With The “Official Drink Of Halloween”: Chocolate Milk


— More often than not, All Hallows’ Eve seems to fall on a weekday when most parents have worked “All Hallows’ Day.” And though we hope the energy of our little monsters becomes contagious, sometimes, that’s not the case. Have no fear! What’s bubbling in the witch’s cauldron is a magic potion— It’s chocolate milk and it’s scary good.

Chocolate milk is the “Official Drink of Halloween.” Finally, something neither children— nor adults— have to be afraid on October 31st. Parents can feel good knowing their little ghouls and goblins are getting a spine-chilling boost of energy they need to make it through the moonlit night, while they too can rediscover that chocolate milk has been an adult favorite for many years.

While you’re conjuring up a unique spirits menu for the adults on the Halloween trail, consider using chocolate milk as a mixer in some of your most enchanting “boo-zy” cocktails. But you don’t have to stop there. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they sink their fangs into otherworldly baked goods that have been infused with chocolate milk, proving that this devilish delight can be hauntingly good and enjoyed in a variety of ways.

And at the end of the night, when the guests have disappeared and the last little zombie has rung the doorbell, mummies and daddies can give their families a warm mug of nutrition in disguise as they all settle in to watch the full moon.

Any way you dress it up, chocolate milk is the drink that can make skeletons of any size happy and strong.