Additional Assistance For Victims Of Hurricane Dorian


— In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas continue to struggle to rebuild their lives and reconstruct their beautiful islands.

We wish to thank our Baltimore Community for their overwhelming support and contribution to our initial City-Wide Relief Drive on Tuesday, September 24th. While we are extremely grateful for your efforts, our relief work is not yet over.

The committee of Caribbean organizations and supportive Baltimore entities headed by Dr. Elaine Simon, will coordinate yet another City-Wide Hurricane Relief Drive on Tuesday, October 29th , 2 pm–7pm. Donations will be accepted at Langston Hughes Community Resource Center, 5011 Arbutus Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.

Acceptable donation items include: Non-Perishable food items, first aid items, sheets, blankets, disinfectant, bleach, garbage bags, deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, aluminum foil, soap, lotions, hair brushes, combs, shampoo, disposable wipes, pampers (child), adult pampers (seniors), detergents, coffee, canned milk, towels, wash cloths, bedsheets, flashlights, (new) baby clothes, books, school supplies, pen and pencils, over the counter pain and fever medicine (pill and liquid form), medical and general supplies, children and adult vitamins.

For financial donation, you can visit You can also make checks payable to: CDRRA, Caribbean Disaster Relief and Recovery Alliance.

For additional information please call 443-869-1835. Please leave a brief message with your telephone number, if there is no immediate response to your call.

Organizations and Supportive Entities for The Bahamas Hurricane include: Trinidad and Tobago Association of Baltimore, The Barbados Nationals Trinidad Association of Baltimore, The Image Band, Senator Larry Young, Radio One 1010 AM, Reverend Michael Jenson, The Baltimore Times, The Langston Hughes Education Complex (George Mitchell), Antigua and Barbuda Sity Liters T-shirt Mas, The Arena Players, Reynold Small (Evolve), Print Works LLC, P and T Associates, Carlton Douglass Funeral Services, The Cultural News Page (Oswald Copeland), Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Neil Mattei and the WEAA FM 88.9 crew, Delegate Regina Boyce.