Vital Records is warning consumers about phone scam targeting misdialers


— The Department’s Division of Vital Records, which provides birth certificates and death certificates to Marylanders and tabulates helpful categories of public health data, is warning residents of a phone scam that preys on callers who think they have called the division to obtain vital records.

“We have learned that Marylanders who have misdialed the number for the Division of Vital Records have potentially fallen prey to a scammer who took their money,” said Dr. Jinlene Chan, the acting deputy secretary for the Public Health Services administration, which houses Vital Records. “It is imperative that Marylanders take care to dial the right numbers, when reaching out to Vital Records.”

For general information regarding certificates for birth, death, marriage, or divorce, call 410-764-3038. For other specific information, call 410-764-3036. Individuals who call the

Division of Vital Records will not be asked to provide their social security information over the phone. If individuals are asked for that information, they should double-check the number they called.

Individuals who believe they have been the victim of a scam should report it to the police department serving their area. To learn more about protecting personal and financial information, visit the Identity Theft Unit of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office at

If individuals believe they have provided credit card information to a fraudulent group, they should notify their card issuer immediately. By law, consumers are not responsible for any unauthorized charges from the time the loss or theft is reported.