The world’s most popular locations on Instagram Stories


The world’s most tagged cities are New York, London — and Jakarta?

The capital of Indonesia is having a moment: It’s home to millions of people from across the globe, plus it’s a foodie paradise renowned for its nightlife and architecture. Now Instagram has revealed that Jakarta is the most tagged location on the app’s popular Instagram Stories feature.

It’s the one-year anniversary of this 24-hours-only disappearing image tool premiering on the photo app.

In celebration, Instagram has released a list of the top five most geo-tagged cities, with Jakarta taking the lead, followed by Brazil’s Sao Paulo at No. 2. New York, London and Madrid follow behind at Nos. 3, 4 and 5.

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Indonesia on Instagram

Jakarta’s must-visit attractions include the Museum Nasional and Galeri Nasional — not to mention the rooftop bars with their stunning views of the metropolis below.

The city has plenty of highly Instagrammable sights and sounds, but its No. 1 spot might owe a lot to the popularity of the social network in Indonesia. Tech Wire Asia reports that the country is the largest market for the photo-sharing app in the Asia Pacific. Some 45 million Indonesians use Instagram, and they use the story feature twice as much as the average user.

Popular tagged locations in Jakarta include the city’s restaurants and high-rise architecture.

Interestingly, the second-most tagged city is Sao Paulo: another thriving, vibrant metropolis — and foodie haven. Like Jakarta, it’s a teeming city full of people — many of whom are Instagram users. Sao Paulo is renowned for its cultural scene, from its famous Museu de Arte to its Teatro Municipal.

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Instagram travel trends

As Instagram continues to grow, its hold over our leisure habits shows no sign of decreasing.The app has more than 250 million daily users, who can’t help being swayed by the hashtags and geotags appearing on their feed.

Many of us will have headed to a foodie hot spot we first spotted on social media or trekked to a remote location for that perfect shot for Instagram.

The popularity of Instagram Stories suggests users want authentic, immediate experiences — and vibrant capital cities offer just that.