Entrepreneur’s Spotlight: Angela O. James


What’s your entrepreneurial story? Why did you start your business?

I am an Etiquette Coach, Social Innovator, and Mentor and I am a CUTIE Mom! My life’s passion is to motivate and inspire women and girls to take charge of their destiny. I understand the limitless benefits of personal development. I strive to bridge the gap between opportunity and achieving goals by providing the tools and techniques needed for success in an ever-evolving world. I created CUTIE Girl as a vessel for girls to learn the importance of positive behavior. This creates a solid foundation in good manners and proper etiquette to develop strong social skills.

I am dedicated to engaging, empowering and educating women and girls by providing creative and comprehensive classes, workshops, presentations and one-on-one coaching in etiquette and self-development.

Your product/service helps people/organizations do what?

C.U.T.I.E ( Crucially Understanding The Importance of Etiquette) Girl helps to engage, educate, and empower girls and young women. C.U.T.I.E. focuses on self development through etiquette, positive body image, academic and career planning, and community service.

What should I know about starting a business in your industry?

The foundation of etiquette is a behavior accepted as gracious and politeness in social, professional, and family settings. Good manners can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life, having good manners is essential. Some people argue that etiquette no longer matters, that the rules for good behavior are old-fashioned and out of date. However, good behavior and manners are never out of style.

Starting a etiquette business is crucial. Studies suggest that professional success is directly related to a person’s social quotient—a combination of social skills. In a world where things change constantly, possessing core values: integrity, courtesy, sincerity, kindness, are still essential to building positive personal and professional relationships.

How do you stay focused on you, business, and other areas of your life?

Work-life balance— the ability to work hard and be passionate about my business, but also have time for myself in my personal life.

What is your favorite business tool?

Evernote (app), saves my ideas and thoughts in one place which helps me communicate effectively and get things done.

What is your favorite business book?

Successful Women Speak Differently, written by Valorie Burton

What is your favorite quote?

“To whom much is given, much will be required” Luke 12:48 We are held responsible for what we have. If we are blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, it is expected that we use these well to glorify God and benefit others.