Mother, daughter team up for cosmetic line


— A mother-daughter team are making innovative moves in field of cosmetics— at least in Baltimore, and part of their strategy is to offer products that are friendly to the skin.

“When using fragrance free, hypo-allergenic cosmetics it is more compatible with the different skin types such as normal, oily, dry or combination where I have found less problems and more satisfaction with my clients,” said Moniette S. Laury, the CEO of Totally for You, LLC and Sara Sara Cosmetics, a Parkville-based Christian and black-owned small business.

Laury runs the business with her daughter, Monet Horton, who serves as the company’s president.

“Having the opportunity to partner with my mom is very special and dear to my heart and it’s been both inspiring and rewarding,” said Horton, who in 2008 founded the mentoring program, D2: Daddy’s Daughter’s.

Laury, an evangelist who has spent more than 30 years as a senior cosmetologist says that Sara Sara Cosmetics, along with the company’s new Botanical Skincare, is a light weight, fragrance-free line of products for all color, skin types and whether you’re a male or female.

The “Sara Sara” line evolved from a lineage and legacy of amazing women, trailblazers who have all been integral in Laury’s life, according to Laury.

“I was inspired to name my line after my grandmother, Sarah Perez Wallace who not only lead her family, but was an entrepreneur and woman of much beauty, grace and style,” Laury said, adding that “Sara” is a variant spelling of Sarah, which means pure and excellent in its Persian and Arabic origin. In Hebrew Sara means princess and lady.

“Thus, you are assured to embrace your full femininity and beauty wearing Sara Sara Cosmetics,” Laury said.

The new line was launched a year ago, and Laury says her most popular products include the Botanical Facial Wash, Protect Moisturizer, BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer, Lip Gloss, Liquid Lipstick and High-Def Full Coverage Foundation.

Like many small, minority-owned businesses, Laury and Monet have faced their share of challenges, including financial and marketing.

“I received funding through Kiva [crowd funding] which provided us an interest-free loan,” Laury said. “They’ve been a great support team and I highly recommend them. When it comes to marketing, I use social networking, referrals and vending opportunities.”

“Although social media is a great marketing tool, it’s not hands-on, and I find most people like to sample and find what products are best for them. When the product is pleasing, and has great presentation, it sells itself. From my experience this has been wonderful, clients love it,” Laury said.

Some of the newer cosmetic trends her customers seek are for the company’s long lasting Mascara Lash Ware, which is eyelash lengthen mascara, she said. Also, there is a demand for products like Brow Fixx, Concealers liquid, and Five Well eyeshadow palette, which offers a variety of colors that blends well.

While business is beginning to boom, Laury says that she is most pleased she is operating it with her daughter.

Mother and daughter say the being partners and working together is both rewarding and inspiring.

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Mother and daughter say the being partners and working together is both rewarding and inspiring.

“What an honor and joy to share this journey of entrepreneurship, branding and growing the business together as a mother and daughter team. It’s amazing how we use different strategies and ideas back and forth, having an open mind about things concerning the business. It works for us,” she said.

Over the years, Horton has watched Laury work long days and nights building the business but not understanding the ins and outs of what it took to hold it all together.

“Now as an adult, I am fully aware and that alone has inspired me to pursue my goals aggressively with determination,” Horton said.

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