Maryland WholeHome: Investing in families by helping families invest in their homes


— Maryland WholeHome is a statewide initiative that brings together the resources available to help homeowners learn how they can make their homes healthier, safer and more energy efficient through the Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) low interest loans and grants.

The initiative was launched on Thursday, September 10, 2015 in the historic Eastern Shore town of Snow Hill. Soon DHCD staff members will be taking their presentation across the state to share with other residents in small town communities.

The Maryland WholeHome initiative is part of Governor Larry Hogan’s ongoing effort to make state government more customer-oriented and user-friendly.

The program’s title pretty much defines its scope: from roof repair to plumbing in the cellar, DHCD programs can help homeowners make improvements that ultimately will save them money. Resources are available to:

◾Replace or repair roofs and porches

◾Repair plumbing and septic systems

◾Rectify structural or maintenance issues

◾Upgrade energy-efficient appliances

◾Repair or replace heating and cooling systems

◾Install energy conservation materials and insulation

◾Add accessibility features such as hand railings, ramps, grab bars and wider doorways

◾Remove lead paint hazards

◾Seal air and whole house envelope

◾Correct building code violations

To learn more about our DHCD’s special loans programs, call 1-800-638-7781. To learn more about DHCD’s energy programs, call 1-855-583-8976. For additional information on all DHCD programs, visit