Northwood Baseball League Community Day: Cops and Kids


— What: Baltimore City will come together to showcase how impactful our youth truly can be and how passionate our Baltimore City Police officers truly are. In the wake of one of the most destructive times in Baltimore history, Communities across the city are coming together and re-committing to empowering the youth and strengthening Police relations with the community. Northwood Baseball League located directly across from Morgan State University, will be the staging area for the revitalization of Community and Police partnership. The 14 and under Northwood travel team will play with the North Eastern Police District.

The civil unrest that occurred following the Freddie Gray tragedy marked a time where the entire nation had all eyes on Baltimore City and particularly on the youth that were and still are affected. Community leader and Northwood Baseball League Board of Trustee Marques Dent was born and raised in Baltimore City. He knows firsthand the importance of having “Officer Friendly” a part of day to day life. Dent states “During my six year of US Air Force service I was never as afraid as I was during the time in which I witnessed the city that I love being torn down. I was afraid not for my own safety but for those young people who were expressing their anger in the streets. Hosting this community day will help heal wounds, build trust and show the commitment to positive youth activities”.

Dent has partnered with McDonald’s and the NE Police District to host this community day. Complete with parade, live entertainment, food and soft drinks, youth activities and culminating with the baseball game comprised of the Officers and Children. The nation saw Baltimore struggle, Marques Dent is utilizing our National past time to rebuild Baltimore.