Indie Soul Music: Slum Village and Hayley Fahey


Back in the day when I was deejay, I would spend hours, not to mention money, listening to and buying music. I was the type of deejay who wanted the newest music first or to introduce a new artist that no one was checking for. It’s the same attitude I have when it comes to the music for this column. This week I have some reviews from Slum Village and Hayley Fahey.


Hayley Fahey: Fahey began following me on Twitter. I always check to see who follows me to see what they are about. Fahey was a joy to discover. Not only is she a talented writer and music lover, checkout her blog here:, she is wonderful music artist. She writes, sings, and plays guitar. Her voice is very soulful and big She reminds me of Joss Stone and Joni Mitchell (incidentally, on Fahey’s Soundcloud, she does a cover of Mitchell tune, “Woodstock” that just blew me away). She definitely delivers that acoustic soul. Check out for yourself, visit:

Slum Village: As one of the most underrated hip-hop groups, these dudes have always been true to who they are and their sound. They never disappoint. They are not flashy or in the running for awards but true to the culture of the music.

Their latest project, “YES,” is another classic just in time for summer. “YES” contains music production by the one and only J-Dilla, (Baltimore’s hip-hop scene, hosts a tribute to J-Dilla every year called B-More Dilla). Slum Village’s “YES,” is by far their best project to date and that’s hard to say since I am a fan of their music. Lyrically these guys have grown in the music scene and their music has grown with them. Outstanding guests on the project include Bilal, Phife Dog, and De La Soul. My favorite tracks include: “Right Back,” “Yes-Yes (Remix),” “Push It Along,” “Tear It Down,” “Too Much” and “We On The Go.” Head to your record store and pick up Slum Village’s “YES” today!