Rangel celebrates America


— Congressman Charles B. Rangel, who represents the 13th Congressional District of New York that includes Upper Manhattan and the Bronx released the following statement in observance of Independence Day:

“On this Fourth of July, as we attend parades and barbeques with family and friends, we should also reflect on the principles that this great country was founded on. We must remember ‘…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ and that there are people still fighting every day for true freedom and equality. The events of this past year have shown us that our country, despite having made significant progress since 1776, still has a long way to go.

People of color, women, immigrants, and the LGBT community continue to face various forms of discrimination and second-class citizenship. I am hopeful that, through our courage and our commitment to American ideals, we can become a more perfect union. We as nation must always strive to be the embodiment of the very principles found in the Declaration of Independence. Contributing to our nation’s progress is the responsibility of all of us.

I am proud to be working alongside local, state, and national leaders in advancing our great democracy. Our country is strengthened by empowering and supporting its people.”