Indie Soul: BET Awards Show


By now many of you have seen the BET Awards show where Diddy fell through the floor; Kendrick Lamar ripped the stage; Lil Kim sent the audience into a frenzy; and Smokey Robinson killed the new school with words and showmanship. Could there be more?

If it was up to me, I would like the show to be a more balanced presentation of black culture. It is supposed to be about the celebration of black music and black art, yet it didn’t come across as such. We have skewed so young that we forget about appearances by veteran actors Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Denzel Washington. Why not revamp and give a more balanced view of who we are as a people and not just the same ole, same ole!

We forget the other aspects of culture: Jazz, soul, blues, stage, and much more. There is artistry in all that, which we need to celebrate and embrace. If this was the hip-hop awards then yes, by all means, have at it. We are talking Black Entertainment Television. We are talking BET Awards. These past few years we have had a lot to celebrate from the writers to the producers, to directing, casting and so much more. It’s shame that we don’t show it all. Our nominations should reflect that as well, including performances, and not just be about who is popular on social media.

Black is beautiful, bold, conscious and soulful. No matter where it comes from. We are works of art. This one night of the year should capture all of that. This is by no means disrespect to BET. It’s just a plea from someone who is a fan who wants a more balanced view of who we really are.