Indie Soul Spotlight: Vett Stunna hip-hop femcee


— I can hear my media sidekick and radio personality Civ Jones, saying to me now, “Phinesse when are you going to highlight some female emcees?” Relax Civ, I have one for you: Vett Stunna hip-hop femcee. For those who don’t know what a femcee is, femcee means female emcee.

“I just want to represent not just for the culture of hip-hop but for women emcees. To show we do have skills and a business mind. I am not here for any games but I keep everything real,” states Stunna.

Having been on the scene since 2006, Vett Stunna has been through a lot in her personal and professional life. “I have to deal with taking care of my family due to mom and her personal issues that she is going through. On the professional side, learning the business and understanding the business. Trusting people to watch your back and then coming to realize that everyone does not have your best interest” adds Vett Stunna.

Vett Stunna does know for sure that this is her passion. “When I first got here I was just doing my thing, put out my first CD, and when people were feeling it, I was like okay, I can do this. It gave me the confidence I needed to keep doing this.”

In one years’ time, she released five CD’s with the CD “Mixtape For Dummies” creating the most buzz and opening doors. States Stunna, “I just don’t want to make songs, I want to make music that is remembered. I have love for the old school, because if it wasn’t for them showing the way, I would not be here today. I try to teach others about hip-hop music and I try to broaden their minds to different music and artist. I want my music to have a message”

Her latest single, “Let’s Do It” has become an anthem to life. By revealing her own experiences and dedication to achieve her goals she encourages listeners to overcome any adversity. In the opinion of Indie Soul, Vett Stunna is lyrically gifted and knowledgeable! Vett Stunna you are in the spotlight now! The next move is up to you!