Indie Soul Fashion: E. Bannister Couture presents ‘L’affaire du Blanc et Noir’


If you talk to anyone in the Baltimore area who loves fashion, there is always one name that comes up— Earle Bannister! On Sunday, June 14, 2015, Indie Soul had a front row seat to see who Earle Bannister is and exactly what he is all about and man were we impressed!

It’s been five years since Bannister did a fashion showcase. When he was asked why, he said, “To be honest, money. When the economy hit a few years back, the big fashion shows that I was doing in Philly, for the Delta’s and others, they took a hit because everyone had to cut back. So I had to do other things. I did tailoring for a shop and I still continued to make suits for certain clients, but tailoring is what I was doing.”

In the process of working, Bannister learned new things about himself and his craft.” I love fabric and I absolutely love what I do, so while tailoring, I was about to learn more about the business and what customers were looking for. So this made me better and able to put some fashion together with a whole different approach.”

Earle Bannister is not just about his fashion, he also about giving back to the community. He and his family also set up a $2000 design scholarship to help a student who may not have the funds to achieve their dream.

His advice for up and coming fashion designers is, “You have to get out there and not make excuses. Nothing is handed to you— you have to do the work. Humble yourself and chase your dreams never forgetting where you came from and you have to give back!”

Enough said! Congrats and welcome back Earle Bannister!

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