Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper helps save driver having diabetic crisis


— Rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony scored a Grammy with their song “Tha Crossroads,” which paid tribute to loved ones they had lost. But rapper Layzie Bone may have helped save a life recently.

The rapper, whose real name is Steven Howse, was reportedly traveling through Wyoming on his way to a concert when he and his crew noticed a car being driven erratically before spinning out.

When they stopped to check on the driver, Howse told CNN affiliate KTWO that the driver appeared to be disoriented, apparently as a result of diabetes.

“He didn’t know who anybody was, so I said ‘Do you know Bone Thugs-n-Harmony?’ ” Howse said. “And he kinda woke up. He was like, ‘Yeah.’ “

Others also stopped and Howse ended up feeding the 24-year-old man some fruit to help stabilize his blood sugar. The rapper posted a picture on his Instagram account after the incident.

“We thought he was a drunk doing 60mph when he spun out of control and did a complete 180 degrees,” he wrote in the caption. “Thank God he didn’t flip he was 30 ft in front of us. Turns out after we stopped to check on him he was having a diabetic shock. Thanks to the EMS on the scene that happens to be driving right behind us from Indiana and the cute old couple in the RV for the apples and oranges we gave him.”

In an interview with CNN affiliate KCWY, Howse said the incident made him emotional.

“He could’ve killed us, he could’ve killed the other couple, and also the guy that was behind us was the EMS guy, he almost swerved at him, so I was just scared for him. I was almost in tears and was happy to be there to be of some type of assistance,” the rapper said.


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