Entrepreneur of the Week: Regyna Cooper


“I had been hearing God’s voice for years to write a book to empower women and I kept saying I wasn’t ready. I now understand that God has a plan for me to be an example for others. It is not about me.”—Regyna Cooper

One of the most intriguing characters in the Bible is Jonah. Jonah was commissioned by God to tell a nation that they would face destruction for their evil ways if they did not change their course of action. Jonah had other plans and did not want to do what God asked him to do. Regyna Cooper is a modern day Jonah. “ I always wanted to be more for others and heard God speaking with me, but like so many people I kept running from what was for me” states Cooper.

One of the things Regyna kept running from was writing her book entitled “Misconception of a Dream.” In the book she turned a tragedy into a message of hope.

“The book is born of my having a miscarriage. Although it was hard and yes a loss of child, God helped me to use that experience to give birth to something that I can use to help others— hence the title,” said Cooper

For those seeking a new direction in 2015, this book is about encouraging you on your journey to help you find and hold on to your dreams. More importantly it’s also about allowing God in your life to assist you on your path to success.

Through her business Maxser Consulting Regina and her husband John Cooper help clients overcome issues so that they can be all they can be. Cooper also reaches women through her online magazine, “Women of Significance,” which targets Christian women and “focuses on the heart, hope and encouragement of women in every aspect and position.”

More importantly it is the ministry that she and her husband share with others that is her greatest asset. “Now finally listening to God and leaning on what he desires of me, that is the blessing to share with everyone.