Indie Soul Music Review: Black Messiah by D’Angelo and The Vanguard


It has been 15 years since we last heard from R&B singer D’Angelo. We heard about the baby drama with Angie Stone; about his being evicted by force from his home; and we have heard about his so-called addictions. Everyone has vices. It just so happens that D’Angelo is the vice for many of his fans and fans of GREAT soul music! Welcome back D’Angelo!

Before this review could hit The Baltimore Times, the Internet was buzzing about the album’s release including some major players in the music business: Kendrick Lamar, Common, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Powell, Questlove and many others! Just hashtag #BlackMessiah to see what everyone has to say about this INCREDIBLE music from D’Angelo.

The album includes twelve tracks of pure genius and thought. The live instrumentation, vocal arrangement, and the grooves are just AWESOME! Do yourself a favor buy the CD, turn the lights out, sip on a glass of wine and just zone out!

D’Angelo, please don’t make us wait another 15 years! You were missed!