How to look your best for holiday parties


— It’s the holiday party season, which means that it’s time to be in the social limelight and look your best. But with indulgent feasts, hectic schedules and cold weather leading to dry, dull skin, you’ll need to take extra steps to overcome a few beauty hurdles, no matter who you are.

Here are some things to consider this season:

Stay Fit

Despite one’s best intentions, it’s hard to ignore the siren call of the appetizer spread and the dessert tray. Compound this with a couple rounds of egg nog and you’re sending your calorie count for the day to new heights. Fight this seasonal battle of the bulge while getting a kick start on your New Year’s resolutions by putting in some extra time at the gym during the holiday season.

When you aren’t socializing, be sure to keep meals on the lighter side. A healthful snack before hitting the party can help curb overeating. However, you may opt to avoid outfits that are excessively clingy or form-fitting, just in case you do over-indulge.

Smooth Skin

The cold winter air makes it harder to keep skin hydrated and smooth. You can rectify this by shaving smarter and using warm instead of hot water in the shower.

Men should consider a hydrating razor like Schick Hydro 5 to enhance razor glide and help prevent irritation. The razor has a Hydrating Gel Reservoir to help reduce friction during repeat strokes by releasing a gel to hydrate skin. Blades contain built-in skin guards that smooth the surface of the skin to reduce irritation. For a shaving gel, check out Edge Shave Gel, which has six formulas for various skin types. Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel has soothing aloe and lubricating molecules to enhance razor glide and keep sensitive skin looking great and protected from irritation.

All those cocktail dresses will require a silky smooth shave. However, shaving and showering can be naturally drying, especially in winter. Women should check out a moisturizing razor like Schick Hydro Silk, which contains a water-activated moisturizing serum and five curve-sensing blades with skin guards to help prevent irritation. Shaving and showering can be naturally drying, so your shave gel should offset this effect. Skintimate Skin Therapy Shave Gels, for example, contain nourishing moisturizers and vitamins to help replenish skin’s natural moisture; they foam into a rich, creamy lather, allowing for a close, comfortable shave and healthy-feeling, smooth skin.

Stay Hydrated

Chapped lips are never a good party look, especially when there’s red wine or lipstick in the equation. Keep a medicated lip balm on hand this time of year to combat the parched look, and remember to stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can also help avoid puffy under eyes, which can afflict you when you’re stressed out or not getting enough sleep.

This holiday party season, you can look your best by combatting cold weather and some of the less savory yuletide habits.