AACC students make a difference in community


More than 1,300 Anne Arundel Community College students participated in making a difference throughout the county in community-based experiences through programs with the Sarbanes Center for Public and Community Service.

The center includes:

• The Center for Learning Through Service, which matches students in short-term volunteer experiences that enhance classroom learning;

• The Center for Study of Local Issues, which engages students in public opinion data collection experiences for community groups and clients;

• The Institute for the Future, which engages students in problem-based consulting experiences with local nonprofits;

• The Internship office, which engages students in on-the-job work experiences related to a student’s major; and

• The Office of Travel Study and Global Engagement, which engages students in short-term, faculty-led travel experiences.

In addition to other outreach, the center picks a local nonprofit group as its Partner of the Year. This past year, the Sarbanes Center selected the Centro de Ayuda. Students helped with website redesign, recommending strategies for fundraising, software updates, restoring wireless networks and serving as ESOL assistants and tutors.

For more information about AACC’s Sarbanes Center, visit www.aacc.edu/getexperience.