Rihanna Instagrams, channels ‘Scandal’ at the White House


— Some call gridlocked Washington a “hopeless place,” but the “Good Girl Gone Bad” found much more than just love outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday — Rihanna found new Instagram photos.

The photos don’t prove she could “Run This Town,” but Rihanna’s certainly got a flair for this “This Town.”

Less than two weeks after making her triumphant return to Instagram, the pop star toured the White House on Monday with a large entourage and seemed genuinely excited to see the inside of the White House.

Rihanna even took to the podium in the White House briefing room and pretended to field questions from the press before taking a walk on the North Lawn.

The Barbados singer apparently also channeled her inner Olivia Pope, the fictional star of ABC’s “Scandal,” played by Kerry Washington.

In one caption where Rihanna is talking on a pay phone, the caption reads “Fitz, darling,” an apparent reference to Scandal’s President Fitzgerald Grant, the fictional two-term incumbent Republican and former governor of California. In another caption, Rihanna drops the acronym “O.P.A.” though it was unclear if she was referencing Oliva Pope and Associates, or the Department of Health and Human Services branch Office of Population Affairs.

But the tour wasn’t all fun and games as Rihanna also met with administration officials about potential areas of partnership like working on the President’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

Rihanna is in town for the Veterans Day benefit Concert for Valor, where she will perform Tuesday alongside the Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood and other artists.

CNN’s Kevin Liptak also contributed to this report.