Indie Soul Student of the Week: Kinkx Kids Radio


This week’s student of the week is not a student, but an internet-based radio station designed to be a safe place to inspire young people.

Kinkx Kids Radio is internet based so it can be heard anywhere from computers, to tablets, and cell phones. The station is located at on the web. It plays kid friendly music and features positive interviews that address kids’ issues.

Kinkx Kids Radio was started by Angelique Redmond. “I have concerns when kids are listening to music that they should not be listening to. We need music that encourages, educates, and be something that should be something they can relate to’ says Redmond.

“This is strictly about the kids because music is a part of life so they need something that is clean and entertaining” adds Redmond. Those in the community can take part in this movement. Please help Kinkx Kids Radio continue its mission to play the right music that uplifts, educates and energizes children with sophisticated types of media and high quality technology. Visit to learn more.

During the school year, Indie Soul will spotlight a student who excels in academics and in the community. To nominate someone for “Student of the Week,” call 410-366-3900 ext. 3016 or email with “Student of the Week” in the subject line.