Nonprofits receive Environmental Stewardship Grants from BGE


— Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) announced that it is providing more than $300,000 in grants to more than 40 local nonprofit organizations committed to environmental preservation, protection and enhancement. In its second year and as part of BGE’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship and philanthropic giving, the BGE Green Grants program, is specifically designed for 501c3 nonprofit organizations across BGE’s central Maryland service that are committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

At a BGE press conference at the Spa Creek Conservancy’s Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis on Friday, October 24, 2014, BGE’s Chief Executive Officer, Calvin G. Butler Jr., presented $300,000 in grants to representatives from the 44 nonprofit organizations that received a 2014 BGE Green Grant. The BGE Green Grants range from $500 to $10,000 each and were awarded in the following environmental focus areas: conservation, education, energy efficiency, pollution prevention and community engagement.

Some of the great examples of the initiatives and projects that received funding and support through the BGE Green Grants program include:

4-H Chesapeake Bay Stewards Program; Project Clean Stream and Clean Water Communities; Rainscape and Environmental Educational Program; Bio-science Educational Program and Outreach; Fall Free Tree Giveaway; Increasing Tree Canopy Projects; Recycling days; Neighborhood Beautification; A Green Place to Play;

Community Wildlife Habitat; and Fresh Fruit Farm.

“BGE has a long-standing commitment to enhancing the communities we serve, whether it is through philanthropic giving or employee volunteer opportunities, and the BGE Green Grants program represents an opportunity for the company to extend our commitment of environmental stewardship and community support to our customers,” said Calvin G. Butler Jr., chief executive officer for BGE. “Importantly, this grant program has the opportunity to make a very visible and positive impact on communities throughout central Maryland. Whether through conservation of green space and habitat preservation and protection, or through community activism such as cleanups and the creation of urban forests or community gardens, these grants will provide the funds to help make these projects both viable and successful.”

As part of its commitment to building strong communities in central Maryland, BGE supports environmental enhancement initiatives like the BGE Green Grants program. Since its founding nearly 200 years ago, BGE has played an integral role in working with Maryland communities to address economic development, public safety, civic issues and other initiatives that help enhance our neighborhoods. Through the use of shareholder dollars, BGE supports programs that deliver measurable and sustainable impact in areas of energy efficiency and assistance, the environment, education, economic and community development, and emergency response and safety.

For more information about the BGE Green Grants program; its commitment to environmental stewardship; and a list of all recipients of the grants, visit;