Indie Soul Review: MANIFEST by Jahiti


There are hundreds of artists releasing music everyday— some with talent, others are just products of the corporate music machine. There are those who are copycats and others who are just fake— and then there is Jahiti.

“I want to make music to make people feel good but at the same time the type of music that makes you think. I am coming from a spiritual and conscious world, so when I write and perform, I want people to feel what I am saying and I hope that it moves them to want to do something positive with their lives, in their community and even with their loved ones,” said Jahiti.

Jahiti’s latest CD has accomplished just that, with the sound of world music, soul, island, and even country. Jahiti wrote, produced and played guitar while also singing on the album. When I listen to the tracks “Murder,” “Woke Up/Pray For Me,” and “Humanity,” I think Bob Marley and Peter Tosh but also Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

Jahiti’s style is very distinctive. He delivers his words powerfully and you understand his passion for music, for his community, and his love of love. “Love of Mine”, “Daughter of the Most High”(which is the BEST track and should be getting radio airplay right now), and She’s Telling Me, are the best examples of his love songs.

You feel the energy and vibe on Manifest from track one all the way through track 13. It is an impressive and solid release. You have to take a listen for yourself. For more information: www.

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