Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Fanon Hill


This week’s entrepreneur of the week is community activist Fanon Hill.

In 2010, Fanon Hill and his wife Navasha founded the Youth Resiliency Institute. “Our goal is to be able to teach children and families to embrace who they are and to teach them about where they come from and to introduce them to a variety of subjects to not only build character but to also give back to the community” states Fanon. “I love my community and I live for helping others.”

Fanon’s hard work was recently recognized by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation which awarded the Youth Resiliency Institute a half-million dollars to launch The Journey Project in Cherry Hill. According to Fanon Hill, “The Journey Project is for the community I love, Cherry Hill Public Homes. We will be helping students, doesn’t matter age or color, its about community, to learn how to study, the importance of family and family values when it comes to education, and to teach them how they can be leaders in the community.” When everyone else from political leaders to church leaders, gave up on people in Cherry Hill, Fanon Hill said is not giving up.

Youth Resiliency Institute is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization licensed in the state of Maryland. For more information about the Youth Resiliency Institute and The Journey Project, contact Fanon Hill at 443-934-1972 or visit: