Election Ad Hoc Committee volunteers needed


The Annapolis City Council is seeking three volunteers, unaffiliated with the Republican or Democratic political parties, who are interested in serving on an Ad Hoc Committee to study the 2013 municipal election.

The committee is expected to conduct a public hearing, seek outside expert advice if necessary, and provide a report to the City Council with recommendations, if any, to improve the City Code, structure, and procedures for future City elections.

This request comes in the wake of the 2013 City election, in which the Mayor and Ward 2 Alderman races were both decided by absentee and provisional ballots.

Members of the City Council agreed that issues and concerns identified in the aftermath of the November 5, 2013, election deserve additional attention and consideration. Therefore, they created an ad hoc committee, which will consist of 13 members as follows:

*The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee shall name one co-chair and 4 additional members.

*The Annapolis Republican Central Committee shall name one co-chair and 4 additional members.

*Existing members of the Board of Supervisors of Elections shall be included in the list of names as appointments from their respective central committees.

*Three individuals registered with political parties other than the Republican or Democratic Party or those who are registered unaffiliated.

All persons interested in the three positions should write to Regina C. Watkins-Eldridge, City Clerk & Election Administrator, at 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, or rceldridge@annapolis.gov with an expression of interest, bio or resume, and contact information before July 1, 2014.