Viral Video: Teens teach ‘How to be a Superhero’


— “A superhero is someone who does good things.”

That’s what Zade Abdullah said about a video he and his friend, Kyle Nutt, made as a lesson in committing random acts of kindness.

Zade and Kyle are 16-year-old high school students in Dixon, Illinois, whose hobby is usually focused on creating comedy videos to post to their Youtube channel.

“We’ve always wanted to do a more serious video, and with this idea, we knew we had to do it!” Zade said.

The idea led to their latest video, called “How to be a Superhero.”

“You don’t need to have super powers or super strength to make a difference in your community,” Zade said.

The video shows the teens, dressed as superheroes, going to several area locations to demonstrate that mantra. Some reactions are joyous, and some are very emotional.

Their message is clear: A superhero is someone who does good things. It’s time we all used our super powers.