Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund holds press reception


— The Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund, Inc. held its Press Reception Party on Friday, October 11, 2013 at the Caton Castle Club, located on Caton Avenue and Hilton Streets. The purpose of the event was to introduce this year’s Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund recipients to the media, and to promote the 22nd Annual Scholarship Award Banquet.

The Scholarship Award Banquet will be held Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m., at the Forum Caterers on Primrose Avenue.

“We are extremely proud of this event and we look forward to participation in helping it grow even more,” said Rosa Pryor-Trusty, CEO and founder of The Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund, Inc. “The organization’s primary goal is to provide financial aid to elementary, junior, and senior high students who are aspiring to enroll in a music education program.”

Founded by Pryor-Trusty in 1991, the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to talented young people. Scholarship recipients are awarded in one of three categories: Instruments, Supplemental and Full Scholarship. During the award banquet, the organization will present the awardees with their scholarships. The children will also perform at the event.

This year’s scholarship recipients are Sydney Young, Sydney Boyd, Christian Robinson, Katrina Baldwin, and Angel Baldwin.

“This is the time for transition in our society,” she said.” It is time to look into the resourcefulness of our gifted and talented youth and make an investment in their future, whether it is music or academic.”

According to Pryor-Trusty, the banquet will also honor some of Baltimore’s outstanding musicians, radio personalities and community leaders who have worked unselfishly to enrich others through their music and to support young people.

The honorees are Eartha Lamkin, Jim Hession, James Taylor, Richard Bass, Ron Pinder, Charles Davis, Lou Law, Al Townes, Phil Townes, and Earlene Reed.

“The purpose of me honoring veteran musicians at my annual event is to give them their flowers while they can still smell them,” said Pryor-Trusty. “Most of the musicians I have honored in the past 22 years are over 60, and, or have been performing for 40 years or longer professionally.”

She added, “Some are them are still performing, while others have been sick and no longer able to perform. It is very important to me that these musicians and singers are represented and recognized for their years of hard work and talent they have given us through all these years.”

According to Pryor-Trusty, the Press Reception Party was sponsored by Caton Castle owner Ronald Scott and members of his staff. The event featured entertainment by Phil Butts and the Sunshine Band, a buffet, and a cash bar.

Maryland Delegate Melvin Stukes of the 44th Legislative District attended the Press Reception Party.

“Her cause is important,” said Delegate Stukes.” I am glad she is doing the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund. So much of the arts have been taken out of the curriculum in the schools. When a person’s talent is stymied, it kills them on the inside whether it’s singing dancing, or acting.”

Tickets for the 22nd Annual Scholarship Award Banquet are $65.00 per-person, and include a cash bar, open dinner buffet and live entertainment. For tickets and additional information, call 410-833-9474 or visit: