One Huge Lie Crystallized

You may have decided not to look at the recent Republican National Convention on television, and many Americans think President Trump broke the law by abusing the Hatch Act. But our president is smiling, because he got away with it.

The president needed a convention bounce and, according to polls, White voters have increased their support of his policies. By comparison, following the Democratic National Convention, held a week earlier, nothing changed statically in terms of support.

A recent Morning Consult poll that asked 4,035 likely voters which candidate they would pick, found Biden leading Trump by six percentage points— 50 percent to 44 percent. It marked a four-point improvement for Trump from his standing going into the convention on August 23, 2020, when Biden led 52 hercent to 42 percent. “The poll had a two-point margin of error,” according to Morning Consult’s by Eli Yokley.

After the Republican Convention, President Trump has cut into Biden’s lead, and it appears that our president is a man of character. Trump supporters made it appear that he was working for all Americans and that there are thousands of Black men who believe he is the best candidate for our community. The president made it appear that he was working for the soul of America, and he was a huge supporter of voting.

Even though there are 198 judges appointed by the president to the different courts in three and a half years, not one has been Black. This has solidified conservative thinking and created and supported racism. These appointments are not about the next four years, but this will impact the positions and decisions that the judges will make for the next 40 years.The Democrats have cast the President as a failed leader, but Trump’s supporters painted him as a success and the last line of defense against radical socialism. Black Lives Matter is trying to de-fund the police Departments and when you need a policeman, there will be a busy signal. Many of the mayors in many cities are finding out that Trump administration is paying people to create violence during peaceful protests.

Even though the Republican Convention was one huge lie, many of Biden’s supporters are having second thoughts about supporting the Democrats. As the race gets closer, all of the Republicans will be lying, and it is very hard to know what a lie is and where the truth starts.

On the last night of the convention Giuliani said, progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York is the reason crime has elevated in the city. But when Giuliani was mayor in 2000 the yearly murder rate was 673, compared to 318 in 2019. It is so easy to lie and give half of the story or picture. During the last night, a supporter kept telling the country that the president created the strongest economy in American history and strengthened Medicare and Social Security.

However, Obama’s last three years were stronger than Trump’s first three years, and the present economy is close to a depression. Ending payroll taxes would deplete the Social Security fund in two years.

It is obvious that the majority of the Republican National Convention was one continuous lie but squeezing 1,500 people on the South lawn of the White House was irresponsible during a coronavirus pandemic. This was the wrong message to send Americans, and President Trump does not care.

“He once again claimed to have done more for the African American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln— ignoring Harry Truman’s integration of the military; Lyndon Johnson’s passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act; and many other accomplishments. One might wonder, if this is true, why polls show just five percent of Black voters supporting him, says Fred Kaplan of the Slate, an online magazine.

As Republicans and President Trump build a campaign on lies the numbers are still in the Democrats favor. It is time for the Democrats to expose the lies and speak truth to power. The major key to Biden winning this election is getting support from 18-to-30-year old voters; Black voters; and the women voters.

The Political and Healthcare System is Broken and Corrupt in America

“History is bound to repeat itself. Look at what went wrong in 1918 (Spanish Flu). Then do the opposite,” says the History Channel.

President Woodrow Wilson was the American President in 1918, when 675,000 Americans died as a result of the Spanish Flu and over 20 to 50 million people died around the world. This pandemic happened 100 years ago, and a lack of leadership from the federal government helped the flu spread like wildfire. President Woodrow Wilson took no decisive measures with a coordinated federal plan and gaps were filled at the state and local level. There was a general lack of preparedness and the public health infrastructure was inadequate with no leadership and organization. Public officials lied, made up facts and 25 percent of the military personnel who had the flu, infected the citizens around the country.

The flu started in March 1918 and the second wave came in the fall, when the majority of Americans died. This mysterious strain of the flu happened during the end of World War I and moving lots of men and materials in crowded conditions contributed to the spread of the virus. America and nations around the globe refused to lockdown their countries and the flu spread rapidly.

“The chaotic culture of the Trump White House contributed to the crisis. A lack of planning and a failure to execute, combined with the president’s focus on the news cycle and his preference for following his gut rather than the data cost time and perhaps lives,” said Eric Lipton of the NY Times. The 1918 pandemic lasted one year and there were three different waves where the majority of people died.

In order for the 2020 pandemic to end in America, the entire country must be shutdown in every state and the president must place large-scale orders for masks, protective equipment, critical hospital equipment, ventilators and community leaders educating their constituents. This is not a time for “happy talk.” The Coronavirus Task Force must enforce the quarantine with military forces and local police.

China started its lockdown on January 23, 2020 and by the beginning of March, the country was starting to open back up. They were able to get infected cases to low levels, and the United States must follow the same course of action. The population practiced social distancing and the government was able to test on a wide scale.

At this point, America’s testing process has failed, with testing of less than one percent of the population completed. There is no vaccine and more healthcare workers are getting infected with the virus with no time off. Before the country can be opened, there must be widespread testing and a national database of cases to prevent the spread of the virus.

With over 500,000 thousand Americans infected with the virus, and the most citizens to die in any country — over 20,000 — the political and healthcare system is broken. Instead of the pandemic slowing down, it is speeding up and rapidly growing.

In the African American community, the coronavirus is exposing systemic racism with frightening numbers. In Chicago, the black population is 29 percent but 70 percent of the people dying from the virus are black. In Louisiana, the black population is 32 percent but 70 percent of the people dying from the virus are black. In other cities, like Washington, DC, Baltimore, Detroit and Dallas, there are alarming numbers that indicate health disparities are killing more blacks.

No one will save blacks but us. However, black leaders must sound the alarm. When America gets a cold, African American get pneumonia. There is a failure of leadership with President Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence managing and running the Coronavirus Task Force. They have done a terrible job, lying to Americans, with a general lack of preparedness.

There is glaring incompetency in Trump’s handling of the crisis, and the failure of testing has spread the virus.

As our president continues to fabricate the truth at every daily briefing, don’t believe anything President Trump promises.

Do Americans Believe The Polls?

There are more than 20 Democratic candidates running for President of the United States, and if you listen to them, they all believe they can win the nomination. Everyone knows that most of these candidates know they can’t win, but they can raise money. No individual or agency can keep up with how they spend the money, and the amount is in the billions.

This may not make much sense, but the first debate spanned two nights with 20 candidates up on the stage.

President Donald Trump and the Republicans are laughing at this spectacle and the polls say the majority of leading Democratic candidates would win the election if it were held today. Quinnipiac University’s polls have been deemed “fake news” by the President.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today. Thank goodness we can fight back on Social Media. Their new weapon of choice is Fake Polling. Sometimes referred to as Suppression Polls and they suppress the numbers. Had it in 2016, but this is worse,” says President Trump in a Tweet.

Many Americans say the President is wrong, but the Quinnipiac University poll numbers do appear to be incorrect, because 60 percent of white people support President Trump and that number could be higher. President Trump is always talking about how much he loves America, and it appears that most white Americans love him right back.

White Americans have been searching and looking for a savior, and President Trump is someone they can believe in. Almost their entire life, white folks have been looking for an individual they can put their trust in, and President Trump is their man.

“Make America Great Again” is essentially a code slogan that means “Make America White Again,” and it is working under Trump’s administration. Most Americans are not looking for a minister to be the president, and most are comfortable if he does not tell the truth and breaks some rules.

Many politicians are lawyers and they go to school to learn how to bend, stretch and change the laws, and there is nothing wrong with lying as long as you don’t get caught. President Trump has changed the rules, because he does not care if he is caught lying. In fact the President will say one thing one day and say something totally different the next day.

Our president believes the system is set up for white men to rule, and when you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar, most of the time money has a way of fixing problems.

The Mass Media in America has awesome power and it can turn a criminal to a saint, and a saint into a criminal. Americans are lazy, and they wait for the news to give them information and it does not matter if it is right or wrong.

According to the Quinnipiac University polls, Mr. Trump trailed Mr. Biden— the clear frontrunner thus far in the Democratic primaries— by a whopping 13 per cent, while Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and others also hold strong advantages.

Trump says these are made up numbers that don’t exist.

In 2016, the poll numbers were wrong and many of the political experts don’t believe President Donald Trump is 13 per cent behind the Democrats in the numbers in 2019.

White people love President Trump and when he speaks the place is sold out. The economy is good, and the president can toot his own horn.

The Democrats are all over the place, and the Republicans are in line and following their leader. It is hard to beat Trump especially since the economy is good. And don’t underestimate the love affair between the President and white America.

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Learn Your Numbers During Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and it is very significant to me, because I am a stroke survivor. As a stroke survivor, I consider myself to be a miracle. One of my goals in life is to educate Americans (particularly black men), that 80 percent of strokes can be prevented with knowledge and education. Strokes have the potential to be a silent killer, and nearly 85 percent of all strokes that occur show no warning signs.

Although there are no major warning signs, there are risk factors, diseases, and health issues, which make an individual more susceptible to having a stroke. High blood pressure (hypertension) is the number one cause in the country for a stroke and it can be regulated with medicine, a proper diet, monitoring your blood pressure and a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthcare in one of the wealthiest countries on the face of this earth is not a primary focus or concern. In this society, many people are not interested in improving their health. They prefer to take a chance and hope that health issues will resolve themselves. I was not taking care of myself and not taking the necessary steps to correct my health problems. This is a major crisis confronting this country today,” says Roger Caldwell in his book, “The Inspiring Journey of a Stroke Survivor.”

It is obvious with the recent news of the passing of actor Luke Perry (52), and director John Singleton (51), who both died suddenly of massive strokes, that something is wrong with the healthcare system. Both of these men were very successful, and if 80 percent of strokes are preventable, I would have expected that these two men to have received the best medical care, but they are gone.

When I had my stroke, I was well aware that I had hypertension but I was still not taking my prescribed medication. I was walking around with a time bomb. At any time, I knew the bomb could explode but I took a chance. Eventually, it exploded but I lived, and now part of my responsibility is to educate Americans about strokes with a primary focus on African Americans.

After having my stroke, I was completely paralyzed on the entire right side. I spent the next seven weeks in rehabilitation relearning basic tasks: How to dress myself, how to talk, how to write with my left hand, and how to graduate from a wheelchair to a cane. My efforts paid off, but I did not recover 100 percent. All Americans must know more about stroke prevention and awareness, and they should know their personal numbers as well as their family members’ numbers.

As a culture and community, black Americans have the highest incidence of high blood pressure, with 1 out of 2 adults having some form of hypertension. May is stroke awareness month, and it is essential to understand the mechanics of blood pressure and what the numbers represent.

The higher number is the systolic number, and it represents the active portion of blood pressure, when the heart is pumping. This number should be around 120 or lower. The lower number represents the diastolic number, or the passive or resting portion of blood pressure. This number should be around 80 or lower.

Know your numbers, take your medication, educate your children, and adult family members, and talk about your health. Visit a physician on a regular basis. Take control of your health, your life depends on it. Remember at any age a person can have a stroke, but as you get older you are more susceptible to having a stroke.

FAST is an acronym that everyone should know when they suspect that someone is having a stroke. The “F” stands for face, and one side of the face droops. The “A” stands for arm and the arm drop’s down. The “S” stands for speech, and check for slurred or strange speech. The “T” stands for time, and time is of the essence and call 911.

To learn more about strokes contact the American Stroke Association, and go to my YouTube channel and view my documentary: “High Blood Pressure: A State of Emergency in the African American Community”

Opportunity Zones: The New Trump Executive Order For Blacks

After almost two years, President Trump has laid out a policy with an executive order to spend money and investments in the “distressed communities across the country.” Last week (12-12-18), at an executive order signing at the White House, with a majority of African Americans in attendance, President Trump said, “this order would draw investment into neglected and underserved communities in America.”

With a sea of black faces, starting with Billionaire Bob Johnson, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, [President Trump] has assured the mainstream media that this is one of the solutions to fix the numerous economic problems in urban America. Under the leadership and direction of Secretary Ben Carson, 13 federal agencies have already put together a list of 8,761 potential designated action zones.

“The White House’s new executive order for agencies to prioritize OZs is a positive first step to transform more communities into walkable, equitable, and thriving places and repair the mistakes of the 20th century that led to sprawl and disinvestment,” said Christopher Cotes, Director of LOCUS, a program of Small Growth America. “Most importantly, this new council must encourage greater transparency to ensure any federal investment in OZs achieves equitable development outcomes that are good for both residents and businesses.”

On paper, “Opportunity Zones” appears to be an excellent concept and major corporations have an opportunity to invest in distressed communities and get a break on their taxes. These Opportunity Zones were created a year ago under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but a year later there are still no established rules to implement the program. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories are able to participate in the Opportunity Zones initiative. State governors are responsible for nominating low-income communities based on qualified census tracts, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury will certify Opportunity Zones within 30 days of receiving nominations.

Presently, the major question is how will the African American community benefit from Opportunity Zones? To begin, very few African Americans are aware of or have information about Opportunity Zones, and many consumer advocates warn that the investments may not reach distressed areas. Many of these projects will be a public-private-partnership, and many companies refuse to invest money in a poor community, where they don’t see them getting a return on their investment.

However at the executive order signing, different prominent blacks spoke in favor of the project. Pastor Donte’ Hickman of the Southern Baptist Church and in partnership with other faith-based stakeholders’ institutions, has created the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan, addressing development needs of 100 acres, approved and adapted by the City Planning Development of Baltimore.

“Our area has been federally-designated as an Opportunity Zone, and this bipartisan legislation can leverage public and private funding toward community revitalization,” says Pastor Hickman. After Pastor Hickman gave his remarks, Billionaire Bob Johnson of BET spoke.

Johnson is also a big supporter of Opportunity Zones. “What this proves is the efficacy, Mr. President, of a program that allows capital to flow to places where people are seeking out opportunity. And I am convinced that this program, where the tax incentives out of the Treasury Department to business people, will cause people to invest money where before they saw risk, now they see opportunity,” says Bob Johnson of BET.

It’s too early to make an informed opinion on this Opportunity Zone project. There are different numbers from different leaders as to the amount of money the government is willing to invest. Some say $1.3 billion and others say $2.2 billion— both numbers are substantial. Before everyone gets excited about the Opportunity Zones project, please remember that no Opportunity Zones have been identified and the Treasury Department has yet to establish rules for the program.