North Carolina teen missing for more than a year found in Georgia

— 17-year-old girl who left her home in Charlotte, North Carolina has been found at a home in Duluth.

Hailey Burns left her home more than a year ago according to authorities. She was recovered at a home in the 2700 block of Seneca Trail.

Michael Ren Wysoloyski, 31, was taken into custody in Georgia. He faces a number of charges including false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy, interference with custody and cruelty to children involving first-degree deprivation.

Neighbor Jennifer Elmore says Wysoloyski moved into the home just months ago and kept to himself.

“The blinds would always be closed, night and day. I did see a younger female with him but I didn’t think anything of it at all,” said Elmore.

Burns has been reunited with her family.

According to North Carolina station WBTV, Burns’ father said she left a diary behind in May of 2016 that detailed a plan to run away with a 32-year-old man she met online. Family members said Burns has Asperger Syndrome.

Wysoloyski is scheduled to hear a formal reading of his charges Monday afternoon in a small courtroom inside the jail.

McDonald’s incorporates SnapChat app in application process

— SnapChat came onto the scene nearly five years ago, and since its creation it has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users around the world. The app is very popular among teens, which could be one of reasons McDonald’s has decided to incorporate the app into its application process.

The restaurant is looking to hire 2,500 people in metro Atlanta, and applicants now have the opportunity to apply in-store or via SnapChat app June 20.

“As we see the younger generations seeking out their first jobs, we want to make them aware of the great opportunities available at McDonald’s restaurants, especially considering we’re committed to being America’s best first job,” said Ashley Dodd, McDonald’s Owner/Operator. “We provide restaurant employees with opportunity by offering flexible schedules, professional skills, and educational opportunities.”

The company says more than half of the hires are projected to be between the ages of 16-24 years old, and the company wants to lead the way to a modern approach to recruiting.

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to find job seekers. We thought Snaplications was a great way to allow us to meet job seekers where they are – their phones,” said Jez Langhorn, Senior Director in HR, McDonald’s USA.

Starting in mid-June, Snapchat users nationwide may be served 10-second video ads of real restaurant employees talking about the benefits of working at McDonald’s. Viewers can then ‘swipe up’ to instantly visit the McDonald’s career webpage in Snapchat to explore the opportunities offered by McDonald’s, and apply to their local restaurants if they so choose. Snaplications execution in Australia earlier this year, and the company is also utilizing platforms including Spotify and Hulu to reach potential job seekers in a new way for the brand.