COVID-19 Clinical Antibody Trials in Baltimore and Annapolis


Who is eligible: People who either: Were tested for Covid-19 no more than 5 days ago and were positive, still have symptoms but haven’t been hospitalized Were in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 no more than 3 days ago, who don’t have any symptoms

What: A new clinical trial to determine whether giving people antibodies is effective at treating early- stage coronavirus and n preventing those exposed to it from catching the disease.

Where: Trials are being conducted on-site at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and Anne Arudnel Medical Center in Annapolis—as well as locations in key markets across the country.

Will I be compensated? Yes. More details are available once you have contacted the investigators via the website or phone number below.

When: Enrolling now. If you think you’ve been exposed, or are newly diagnosed and have symptoms, contact Johns Hopkins at 888-506-1199 or – if too many days pass, you may not qualify to participate.

Why does this trial matter? This is the first U.S. multi-center, double blind, randomized clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of convalescent blood plasma as an outpatient therapy. Antibodies are one of the best options being tested for treatment and prevention. The technology won the Nobel Prize in 1901, was employed in the last great pandemic of 1918, and has been used on over 70,000 patients who have already been given plasma in the U.S. If this option is deemed effective, it would be one of the most viable options for treating and/or preventing coronavirus illness worldwide, compared to vaccines, which might be too costly for some countries.

Do I qualify?: Call 888-506-1199, or visit: to take the enrollment questionnaire.