BCCC announces tuition free fall classes


Baltimore— Baltimore City Commu- nity College (BCCC) is offering free tuition for students enrolling in the upcoming fall semester. Combining Federal financial aid, the State of Maryland’s Promise Scholarship, support from the City of Baltimore, the BCCC Foundation Scholarship opportunities and CARES Act funding, eligible students entering or returning for fall courses can enroll tuition free.

For those students who are ineligible for full aid or scholarships, BCCC offers the lowest tuition in the Baltimore area at $110 per credit hour; non-Baltimore City residents who live in the State of Maryland do not pay any additional out of county tuition. The affordable cost is also particularly attractive to students attending four-year institutions who want to take advantage of the low tuition and enroll in virtual or online classes.

BCCC will also tap into the recently awarded One Step Away (OSA) grant, the State’s college completion focused grant program, which provides funds to support higher education institutions efforts to reengage, reenroll, and graduate near completer students who dropped out before completing their degree. The College implemented a re-engagement process for near completers with strategies involving direct mail, email communications and robo-calls.

BCCC is also targeting unemployed workers looking to enroll in college or make career transitions. This is their time to make a professional shift or en- hance their skills.

“For over 70 years, BCCC has provided our community access to a quality, affordable college education,”

said Dr. Debra L. McCurdy, BCCC President. “We know the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unusual financial strain on many Maryland college students and their families. With online classes becoming the new norm, BCCC’s tuition options can reach even more students seeking to save money.”

Boasting the lowest in-state tuition in Maryland, BCCC is removing a major barrier for students and is poised to meet diverse financial needs. Not only will the cost of college be managed in a way to lessen financial burdens, BCCC is offering both virtual and online web classes to accommodate a safe learning environment.

BCCC faculty will be attending professional development in preparation for the start of the semester. Additionally, the college is shoring up learning management infrastructure to ensure academic success in the current remote environment.

“Our student support services team of financial aid experts, advisors, coun- selors and tutors are prepared to support our students virtually,” said Dr. Stanley Singleton, Vice President for Student Affairs.

To learn more about free or low cost tuition options, email: bcccadmissions@bccc.edu or financialaid@bccc.edu