Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young Announces Modifications to City’s Stay at Home Order


Today, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa announced plans to adjust Baltimore’s Stay at Home order to allow curbside pickup at retail stores.

Beginning Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., retail businesses, including shops, restaurants and other food establishments, along with business districts throughout the city, may request temporary pick up and drop off zones for use by customers and delivery drivers. These zones will enable residents to quickly and safely pick up purchases, while ensuring frequent parking turnover so the locations remain reliably available for use.

“We’ve been clear from the beginning of this state of emergency that keeping the public safe and healthy would be our top concern,” Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said. “After consulting with our health professionals, we believe that this first-step of re-opening can be done carefully and safely. During this unprecedented time, it remains the city’s top priority to keep our residents healthy and safe, while exploring new ways to assist local businesses. Being flexible with our curb space and making it easier for residents to shop at local businesses is one way we can support our business community while working through this pandemic.”

“With the improvements we have seen in the positivity rates of tests being completed and an increase in the number of tests being completed, we can safely reopen curbside retail,” Dr. Letitia Dzirasa said.

Details of the reopening of curbside retail include:

Businesses or business districts can apply for a Temporary Retail Pick Up and Drop Off Zone by completing an application, which is available here.

Not every business can have their own zone. Businesses are encouraged to request one shared zone on a block, or over several blocks, or within a business district.

Current valet parking zones, passenger loading zones, or truck loading zones may be converted to Temporary Retail Pick Up and Drop Off Zones.

Applications for Temporary Retail Pick Up and Drop Off Zones will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, and as City resources allow.

Temporary Retail Pick Up and Drop Off Zones may be removed at any time with little or no notice if circumstances dictate (i.e. the need for the zone is diminished; the need for more for parking outweighs the need for the curbside pickup zone; the zone is being abused; appropriate social distancing measures are not being practiced or the space is needed for multi-modal transportation purposes).

There will be no fees associated with the application for or installation of these Temporary Retail Pick Up and Drop Off Zones.

Applications are available on the Parking Authority website.

Mayor Young also announced an Outdoor Seating Relief Program that’s designed to prepare the City for the eventual resumption of seating at restaurants that have been limited to pick up and carry out only. Per the most recent Executive Order from Governor Larry Hogan, restaurants throughout the state remain closed to seating options and are limited to pick up and delivery options only. Once Governor Hogan moves to stage 2 of the State’s reopening plan, Mayor Young and City health officials will reassess Baltimore’s readiness.

“The Outdoor Seating Relief Program will help position local restaurants to be able to hit the ground running once Baltimore’s in a position to allow restaurants to offer seating options,” Mayor Young said.

The Outdoor Seating Relief Program shortens the permitting approval process for outdoor seating from an average of three months to less than a week for most restaurants. All fees associated with outdoor seating applications and licenses will either be waived or rebated, depending on the fee. This reduces additional financial burdens on restaurants that are just trying to survive.