Editor: Re: Increasing SNAP benefits will help us weather the coronavirus crisis


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the best tool our nation has to combat this crisis because it feeds both people and our economy.

The SNAP benefit is provided on a debit-style card that can be used to buy food at grocery stores and farmer’s markets. This support is always vital, but is especially critical now that many household budgets are stretched are being lost, and school meals are missing for millions of kids.

SNAP dollars help put food on the table and also boost our economy. SNAP, is efficient and effective, it reduces food insecurity with little administrative costs.

With the new Pandemic-EBT program, low-income students that rely on free or reduced price school meals could receive $114 a month in additional SNAP benefits to help offset the loss of school meals. Congress should also extend the P-EBT program into the summer months, until schools re-open I urge our legislators to support increased access to SNAP benefits so we can help those in greatest need while also providing the economic stimulus to weather this crisis.

Tam Lynne Kelley


No Kid Hungry Maryland