Downtown Partnership joins forces with Harbor Park Garage to provide free meals


Downtown Partnership of Baltimore has joined Harbor Park Garage to support “Heart of the Park,” a program that provides free meals to anyone in need.

The service began in late March when the garage teamed up with Chef Nancy Longo of local restaurant, Pierpoint, to create the service.

Heart of the Park now hands out as many as 250 meals a day. With that growth, comes a need to secure more regular funding and Downtown Partnership has stepped in to create online donation tools, and provide promotional assistance to help the public find and utilize this life-saving program. Without additional resources, there is no guarantee this important initiative can keep providing free meals.

To make a donation or learn more about the program, visit c and look for the Heart of the Park logo.

To pick up free meals:

-Meals are handed out between noon and 2 p.m.

-Drive to 55 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202.

-Pull a ticket to enter the garage (you won’t be charged).

-Go to Level 3. Attendants will be waiting.

-Roll down the passenger window, so you can communicate at a safe distance.

-Tell them how many people you need to feed.

-Drivers will be given two meals, one ready to eat and one ready to heat, in their trunk or back seat.

-Exit the parking facility free of charge.

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is a non-profit corporation creating a more vibrant downtown community for businesses, property owners, residents, and employees. Through its many initiatives, Downtown Partnership improves Downtown’s quality of life by increasing investment, retaining business, solving transportation challenges, improving parks and green space, and creating workforce development opportunities. For more than 30 years, these programs have been good for Downtown and good for Baltimore.