Cannabis and Cannabis-Related Business Experiencing Unprecedented Demand During the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has not affected all industries and businesses equally, with some experiencing a huge spike in sales during the pandemic. Cannabis is just one of the markets that have seen sales surge with more Americans staying home and sparking up.

To the Cloud Vapor Store (an online retailer that sells cannabis vaporizers) has experienced a 75 percent growth in sales over the last three weeks, with a 200 percent increase in sales to metropolitan areas under mandatory quarantine, such as New York and San Francisco.

Tyler Browne, the owner of To the Cloud Vapor Store attributes this to a few factors: With more time spent sitting inside more people are smoking and drinking.

Cannabis dispensaries remain open, but smoke shops are closed. Online retailers who sell goods such as cannabis vaporizers — products that many would otherwise purchase at local smoke shops, are being bought online.

Cannabis vaporizers emit much less of an odor compared to the conventional consumption methods of smoking. This permits someone inside on quarantine to smoke without worrying about stinking up their apartment complex or house with kids.

To the Cloud Vapor Store offers rentals and lifetime buybacks, which allow customers to return their vaporizer after use. We have seen a vast amount of inquiries about renting a vaporizer to use in quarantine.