Pet Tips/Products For A Safe And Happy Quarantine


As an essential business in Baltimore, Pet Valu remains open to serve pet parents as they navigate working from home or a new and disrupted schedule. Pet Valu built on its emergency pet preparedness plan and has tips for a safe and fun quarantine with pets and products available at local stores to accompany them.

Pet Food: Experts suggest maintaining a stock of two weeks’ worth of pet food on hand and suggest considering air-tight containers or other storage solutions to keep food fresh. (Product examples here and here)

Water: CDC recommends keeping about two weeks’ worth of water on hand for your pet in addition to water your family might consume. You can also keep your pet’s water fresh from becoming still and accumulating bacteria. (Product example here)

Toys: With more time spent inside or on property, it is important to find ways to keep your pet active and engaged – adding fun to both of your days. Pet Valu has both indoor and outdoor toys to try and get the zoomies out.

Identification: With few people outside or able to help, having a lost pet in a quarantine can be difficult. To avoid and alleviate any issues, consider proactive solutions for identification and tracking. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, consider a Pawscout Smart Tag or engraved tag.

Calming Products: The change in “normal” can be difficult for your pet, new schedules may cause pets to become more anxious. If activity doesn’t provide enough relief, Pet Valu has calming treats or toys to help ease their minds like this or this.

Health and Wellness: If your pet takes recurring medication or supplements, consider talking to your veterinarian about increasing the pack size to ensure your stock will last until your next appointment. Your vet is considered essential, but good to have in case you or your vet is unavailable.

Waste Management and Litter: Waste management might not be a “fun” part of quarantine, but let’s make sure we keep our community spaces and homes smelling and looking clean.

Dedicate some time to your pet: Pets are good for your mental and overall health. Try to dedicate time for you and your pet(s) to relax together and reset.

A good night’s sleep: Make sure your pet has a cozy, calm place to rest their head at night. Pet Valu has a range of beds, crate mats and blankets whether your pets snuggle next to you or in their own bed sprawled out.

Pet Valu also has “stay-home” activities to keep your pet feeling great and staying active:

Pick up a healthy habit: Been meaning to start brushing your pet’s teeth (learn how to get started here) or an at-home grooming routine?

Learn new tricks: Head to YouTube and learn how to teach your dog (or cat, or even fish!) a new trick. This is a great activity for older kids as well.

Have a spa day: Give fido a bath, trim their nails (tips here), give them a good brush and towel dry (that is sure to bring on the zoomies), and reward your pet by learning pet massage techniques on YouTube.