The Coronavirus: Your Spirit Is Stronger By Far


A storm is passing over Planet Earth. It has picked up momentum. It is wreaking havoc on human beings of every stripe. It is not bounded by geography, nationality, economic status or age group. All are threatened. But we must keep in mind: The storm is indeed passing over. It is temporary and it will cease.

Now is the time to call upon your greatest weapon to speed its demise. It is your spirit. You see, while the power of the Coronavirus is limited, your spirit’s power is infinite. It has no limits. To mount a counter-offensive, you need only to activate the power in you that was acknowledged in Genesis 1:13. There, in this most sacred message, is the secret that can empower you to overcome any menace, any danger, any fear.

You are told – in no uncertain terms – that you are made in the image and likeness of the Creative Force that brought the entire universe into existence and sustains it. Every galaxy, every planet, every energy force and every ecosystem known to our species, all were created by the power that you have residing within you.

How do you activate this power? Matthew 17:20 is instructive: “And nothing shall be impossible unto you.” If you have the faith, you are a million times more powerful than the Coronavirus. Now, allow your spirit to direct your mind and you will begin to visualize an army of billions of soldiers taking their defensive positions against the Coronavirus with its limited capability. It will first become defenseless and then it will be destroyed.

While exercising the other day, I asked the Almighty to explain what the Coronavirus is. The answer was crystal clear: “It is strong against a weakened system and weak against a strong one.”

Knowing this, ask yourself: Am I working to build my strength or am I housing a weak immune system that can become a welcoming host to the Coronavirus or any countless number of other diseases? Also ask yourself: “What am I doing every day to fortify the temple (your body)? A good diet, rich in vitamins C and D, foods seasoned with garlic, herbal teas like the daffodil root and green tea, a healthy dosage of raw or steamed vegetables (especially the green leafy kind), healthy protein choices, multiple vitamins, plenty of water and so forth. Physical exercise builds up the immune system, increasing your helper T-cells to a level that make the invasion of pathogens an uphill battle. And do not forget to get sufficient sleep!

Focus your thoughts on positive, productive tasks and saturate your emotional life with the greatest health enhancer of all: A love for others. Limit the amount of news coverage of this pandemic that you allow into your subconscious mind. Get only enough information to help you to arm yourself against this formidable foe. Listen to the health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci when he instructs you to practice social distancing, good hygiene (washing your hands when you are required to do so) to protect yourself and others. An intelligent use of the limited time that you listen to the news media will have revealed to you that the greatest scientific minds on the planet are collaborating; they are working feverishly around the clock to discover the virus’ vulnerabilities. I believe that therapeutics (medicines) are in our near future and that a vaccine could prevent a seasonal return of this menace.

Lastly, monitor your internal conversation. Don’t panic when you hear that the number of infections is increasing exponentially. Just remember, the virus got a head start but it will run out of steam as soon as we, individually and collectively, decide that it must be stopped in its tracks. Fear not. Focus all your energy and your belief system on pictures of its demise. See the people eventually free to socialize. See a beautiful day where you and your family are no longer concerned about the harmful effects of this unseen enemy.

The words of that great Black Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, should bring you comfort during this difficult time. He said: “The sister of misfortune, hope, in the under darkness dumb, speaks joyful courage to your heart. The day desired will come”.

Now, may the Spirit of Almighty God – whose power is in you – guide you and your loved ones through this storm to a brighter more joyful day!

Michael A. Grant, J.D. is the president of United Security Financial and the past president of the National Bankers Association. His email is: