Staying Healthy And Productive While Social Distancing


As a society, we are facing unprecedented challenges across our communities, country and the globe. COVID-19 is affecting day-to-day life, as we know it from school closures, to forced long-term teleworking, business closures, gym closures and many leisure activities have been put on halt due to this pandemic. With many of us working from home, not able to go to the gym, and practicing social distancing, self quarantine or isolation from family and friends, it’s imperative that each of us does a mental check on ourselves in order to stay healthy and productive throughout these uncertain times.

Charles “Chazz” Scott Nucleus Team Member,  Positively Caviar, Inc.

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Charles “Chazz” Scott Nucleus Team Member, Positively Caviar, Inc.

It may seem as though you have a lot of time on your hands, and you probably do but now is not the time to Netflix binge all day. As this pandemic is forcing all of us to stay home, isolated and inside, it’s imperative that you try to keep some type of schedule or daily routine to keep your mind and body moving.

While our traditional schedules have been modified, it can be easy for us to slip into bad habits that don’t support our mind, body and spirit. Be intentional about where you are spending your time and energy as it can have the ability to compound its effects during these next couple of weeks.

As our schedules are rapidly changing it may be helpful to create a checklist of items that we need to complete before the day starts— a simple yet effective way to guide our thoughts towards a productive and accomplished day. With the number of distractions at home— pandemic updates, social media, and the TV— it can be extremely difficult to stay focused on one task throughout the day. Ultimately, a checklist can guide us to a successful day of productivity instead of a day of distraction and dissatisfaction.

Use the constraint of social distancing to your benefit and buckle down on a proper diet, regular exercise, and even a morning routine to reinvigorate before the day starts. The gym may be closed but get creative and develop a home workout routine with the help of YouTube or other home workout apps. Go outside and get some fresh air, if you can.

As the temperature begins to rise for spring you may consider going for a walk or run. The sun can naturally energize you and help make nutrients for your body that are important for your bones, blood cells and immune system.

This pandemic has altered our way of life for what may be an extended period, so it’s important that we don’t allow it to negatively affect our mind and body.

Above all, remember that you have control over your mental health and it’s important that you take time throughout these uncertain times to take care of yourself. Continue to stay active and take advantage of this time to ensure you feed your mind, body and spirit what it needs to be healthy, happy and productive.

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