Watch: Governor Hogan Joins FOX News Sunday


This morning, Governor Hogan joined Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss Maryland’s aggressive measures to combat COVID-19.


Governor Larry Hogan Discusses Coronavirus Updates with Chris Wallace


“Look, I think the virus is going to dictate the time frame, and we’re going to follow the advice of the scientists and doctors, like Dr. Inglesby, who you just had on a moment ago, he’s on our task force. But no, we don’t see any way that we’re going to be opening back up in a couple of weeks. The Washington Metropolitan area, [which] has Maryland, DC, and Virginia, quadrupled in the past week and we see that continuing to grow exponentially, and we think in two weeks, around Easter, we’re going to be looking a lot more like New York.”

“The messaging isn’t helpful because as we’re, as the governors out there on the front lines are trying to get people to stay in their homes for everything but very essential things like going out to get food or prescriptions or things that are basic needs for them to survive and then we’ve got messaging coming out saying that things are okay and you should get back to normal, it does conflict and it hurts with the messaging. But look, I think the president is just trying to be helpful, which is good. We don’t want people to be scared, but we do want them to take it seriously and we want the facts to be out there, so we’re going to follow the doctors and the scientists. I think most governors are going to do what they think is right in their own states to save lives.”

“We do appreciate the efforts of the federal government, and I hate to just point fingers and talk about what hasn’t been done or what didn’t get done. We’re all in this together and it’s going to take the federal, state, and locals working together to save lives. But there’s also frustration out there just that we’re all in the situation that we’re in, and the federal government is unable to solve some of these issues, and that the states are also not able to. So there’s frustration out there, but I think we should do less arguing, more working together.”