Mom Of Seven Opens A Consulting Helpline For Stressed Out Parents


Aerica Karriem, an acclaimed Family Mediator and Relationship Coach expert, has taken an unprecedented step to launch Black Online Therapy dedicated to serving black families globally.As many people stay at home to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, also known as coronavirus, the arguments while everyone is together are increasing. Rather stress, built up frustration, or the pain they have been carrying but avoiding for years are now coming to the surface. Families can now access the support they need from the comfort of their homes for themselves and their loved ones for their overall emotional health and well-being and mental health tools that are common.

“Our main focus is to provide a confidential, convenient and affordable way to help prevent the onset or worsening of mental breakdowns or mental health conditions,” says Karriem. “We provide social emotional learning and effective communication techniques to help repair and restore families all over the world.”

Black Online Therapy is an innovative company that is founded on three guiding principles: love for humanity, integrity no matter what, and unity to those who matter the most. The business is dedicated to being a great resource for our communities which is important to the company.

Despite stereotypes, this is not just a low income, poverty stricted need. The fact is that no matter your sex, age, income level, education, religion, or culture we all have life’s highs and lows. We need guidance that our girlfriends sometimes can’t help us with. Or our close relatives may be going through things they can’t seem to overcome themselves. It’s wise to allow a professional to help assist you through your trying times. Aerica Karriem is an esteemed community leader of remarkable vision and character. Her commitment and mission are innovative, impactful ways to heal black families and to elevate our next generation, but it hasn’t always been that way. Aerica was a stay at home mom for 14 years. She lost herself and when she realized she had had enough, she decided change was necessary but she didn’t know where and who to turn to. She felt broke and broken. There was no place she was aware of and felt comfortable enough without feeling unfairly judged, like many others. So she decided to take classes, go to seminars, read hundreds of hours of related family and healing books and more importantly she got involved in her community. She became a certified family mediator and relationship coach. Aerica has created a successful curriculum and now she certifies others to do the same.

Aerica shares that, “We must understand our children are constantly mimicking us. So, when we begin to dishonor and devalue ourselves and we continue to communicate with such harsh mannerisms, they know nothing else but what they see. ”Aerica, continues by saying the following: “I know hurt people hurt people. We don’t want anymore people in the world hurting, so we are committed to go the distance to ensure that we focus on healing deep rooted hurts and pains in our communities. “We’ve had our feet on the ground, have done a great amount of leg work, research and surveying in order to quantify the needs in our communities. It’s been worth it, as our priority is to be extremely valuable for our clients.”

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