Baltimore Entrepreneurs Show How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing


When compared to John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen; and Beyoncé and Jay-Z; Kyara and Khalil Uqdah are unsung and unknown in many circles. However, the Uqdahs are undoubtedly qualified as a Baltimore power couple.

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In 2012, they started Charm City Buyers and began investing in real estate. The couple now owns more than 20 properties in Baltimore, including an entire block where they are currently

focused on community development, mentoring other real estate investors and building an empire and generational wealth.

“We got started about a year out of college and we thought it was really important to figure out how to kind of hit the goals we have,” Kyara Uqdah noted. “Real estate just hit for us, and we knew that in Baltimore, we could add a ton of value through real estate.”

The couple realized that there were many vacant properties that they could obtain and makeover. Kyara says providing a “beautiful new face that maintains the historic charm of Baltimore was important.”

So, they began building a portfolio, and in just a little over eight years, the couple’s holdings have grown tremendously.

Khalil says the next logical step was to educate other young entrepreneurs to build their real estate empires and wealth.

The goal of the Charm City Buyers, which has an online wealth building community, is to provide individuals with ”real” insights into the world of real estate investing, according to Khalil.

“It goes without saying that the work we’re doing here is game-changing,” Khalil said. “It’s legacy changing, and it’s generational wealth building. We’re coaching individuals and families through Charm City Buyers for the long term.

“We’re moving the needle on closing the wealth gap as much as we possibly can.”

Charm City Buyers seeks to share behind the scenes information on what the couple calls “Real” on real estate that most other investors or consultants cannot offer. They say they have developed a proven, results-based system that allows their business to have extraordinary success in real estate investing.

“We want to teach fellow Millennials and Gen Xers how to build a tremendous amount of wealth in a very short period of time,” Kyara said.

Through accelerator programs, online and onsite workshops, consulting services, podcasts and a “Mobilize Baltimore Meet-Up,” Charm City Buyers’ provides several ways for others to get started and build a real estate empire.

The most recent Baltimore Meet-Up was held on Saturday, March 7, 2020. The Uqdahs gave insight on how people can creatively buy their first investment property, and what life is like pursuing entrepreneurship with a partner.

Charm City Buyers also provides information about the importance of relationships and networking in real estate investing, and steps individuals can take to become an entrepreneur. Information about why real estate investing may not be for everyone is offered, as well as courses about using other people’s money in real estate. Additionally, Charm City Buyers offers a mentorship program for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

“When we drive down the blocks of Baltimore, we see tons of opportunity when it comes to adding value in spaces where property values are low or there [are] a lot of vacancies,” Khalil said. “So, it kind of hits a happy balance for us between the impact and the financial incentive we get. There’s a great opportunity to not only add value in the communities in which you invest but when you think of generational wealth, we’re thinking about how we can make sure that as our six-year-old daughter grows up, she and her peers have these opportunities.”

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