The Baltimore Academy of Magic, a school for aspiring young magicians based in Baltimore, Maryland, will be taking group lessons, both donation-based and for a low fee, for those who can pay, online as a response to the shut-downs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Baltimore Academy of Magic was founded in 2017 by magicians Brian M. Kehoe and Annie Montone to make magic accessible to anyone who wanted to learn.

Since then, BAM has welcomed hundreds of students and participants (of all ages) across the city and beyond to magic classes, workshops, public, and private events. Kehoe and Montone are also teachers at the Baltimore School for the Arts.

“Like many other arts and education organizations, BAM is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, ” says Annie Montone, one of BAM’s founders. “But we feel that now, more than ever, people need the arts. They need to feel like there’s still magic in the world.”

The school’s main online group lesson offering, so far, is “Magic Together – Apart,” a magic learning course geared towards adults who are cooped up as a result of quarantine and social distancing recommendations. The course is a virtual happy hour that emphasizes not only learning magic, but also socialization in a time of distance.

“We wanted to create a fun activity for people who might be stuck at home during this difficult time. Digital downloads are fine, but our goal at BAM is always to make fully interactive experiences. All of us are going to have to get creative to translate our art forms for what may be a new era,” adds Kehoe.

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