Energy Is Currency


In physics, energy can be described as the capacity to do work and currency, as we know is a medium of exchange for goods and services. So how do the two relate?

Think of your personal energy as value. This is the amount of effort you are capable of giving and the power you have within your mind and body to fulfill your priorities. Every second of your day is valuable and every moment you have should be distributed into anything that helps the greater good and most importantly helps you fulfill your purpose and your destiny. Be cognizant of the physical and mental strength you have to do what your mind and body wants you to do. When you are aware of your personal energy and view it as currency you are able to do more work, earn more and ultimately reach your goals and fulfill your purpose.

How many times do you get home after a long day of work and say, “I just don’t have the energy to do XYZ.” Pay attention to those feelings. Be aware of what ignites and depletes your personal energy. Remember that your time is valuable and the time you spend feeding into things that do not serve you is a waste of your energy.

Yes, everybody has bad days but we also have a choice to rise above, stay positive and not wallow in negativity. When you spend ample time directing your feelings and emotions to an undesirable space you end up using up energy that you can’t afford to lose.

Energy is also contagious, surround yourself with people who focus on radiating positive energy and always allow your energy to inspire others. Personal energy levels are magnetic and can have an effect on the rooms that you enter and the spaces you are in.

Recognize whom you are with at the moments when you feel your best and the environments you are in when you feel drained. When you find people who match your energy trust that connection and guard it. You will virtually attract what you think about the most. Consistently, consciously and repetitiously see yourself living in abundant happiness, and you will attract it.

Always be aware that a simple shift can redirect your energy. If you feel yourself utilizing more negative energy than usual take a second to reevaluate. Clean up your thoughts and beliefs. You will be amazed by what you attract once you start believing in what you deserve. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what fuels you.

Our atom logo for Positively Caviar is extremely intentional as it is a direct representation of life. We are all made up of atoms: protons, electrons and neutrons. They are everywhere, virtually representing every facet of life. We as humans have our own electromagnetic fields and our energy flows out among everything and everyone that we come in contact with.

The foundation of everything that we are begins with an atom and a thought. Protons represent positive energy and electrons represent negative energy. Both are essential to the balance of life. Become the architect of your own life and take control by using the frequency and vibrations of your own thoughts.

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