GYMGUYZ Want To Help Thanksgiving Feasters Work The Calories Off


Thanksgiving is upon us and, for many it’s a holiday that reminds folks to be thankful for all of the delicious things they love to eat. It’s also synonymous with feasting, and for those counting, the average Turkey Day dinner will cost an average of 4,000 calories.

“We want people to enjoy Thanksgiving, so we explain to clients that exercising consistently during the holidays will help keep off those dreaded holiday pounds,” said Aaron Behrens, owner and president of GYMGUYZ, a mobile personal training service that brings state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert coaches to their customers’ doors.

GYMGUYZ is considered tops in personal home training. The company provides convenient, customized, and creative workouts wherever an individual may live.

Founded in 2008, the mobile brand utilizes a fleet of franchise vans that bring more than 365 pieces of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert coaches to their customers’ doors to drive accountability and provide tailored workouts.

Since it began franchising in 2014, the brand’s growth has reportedly exploded 1,700 percent with nearly 200 locations internationally, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

“The best way to maintain consistency is by having your GYMGUYZ personal trainer visit your home at a time that works for you to make sure you stay on track,” Behrens said.

The most important thing is to stay active, even if it’s just a 20-minute walk, according to Behrens.

“Find some type of activity that you enjoy or that you can do with a friend or spouse. For example, group training is a great way to have fun and stay healthy with friends,” he said.

Behrens started with GYMGUYZ in 2016 because of the high demand for personal home training.

“Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and a partner in a successful chain of health clubs in Philadelphia has allowed me to see how the industry has evolved. I love the concept of bringing trainers directly to clients,” he said.

One of the advantages GYMGUYZ presents its clients is they don’t have to wait in line like they may have to at conventional gyms. They also don’t have to wipe someone else’s sweat off the equipment.

The certified personal trainers who work at GYMGUZ are thoroughly vetted and travel in trademarked GYMGUYZ vehicles loaded with workout equipment and gear.

The trainers primarily focus on cardio and strength workouts. On their first visit, they offer a free assessment, including a questionnaire to find out their client’s goals.

“The response so far is that our clients love that we deliver in-home personal trainers right to their door for customized one-on-one or group workouts in the privacy of their home, backyard or anywhere they choose that’s convenient for their schedule,” Behrens said.

The biggest challenges for many who work out are consistency, making time and not knowing what to do to see tangible results, Behrens added.

He says holidays, especially Thanksgiving, can be challenging for those counting calories.

“We want people to enjoy Thanksgiving, so keep moving. As the saying goes, ‘Use it or lose it.’ You need to keep your body moving,” he said.

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