You Had Better ‘Mind Your Business’ at Coppin on Saturday, October 5th


If someone told you to mind your business, you might think they were being smart. But if you are already an entrepreneur or are seeking to become one, a “smart” move would be to “Mind your Business.” That’s the title of an exciting, free event designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creative industry organizations and DIY (Do It Yourself) businesses.

Presented by PNC Bank and Times Community Services, Inc., Mind your Business: Building a Network of resources for business owners and entrepreneurs, will take place Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. in Physical Education Complex at Coppin State University located at 2523 Gwynns Falls Pkwy. in Baltimore.

The free event will cover a wide range of topics including financial education; how to structure your business; when you should include a CPA or legal experts; as well as an introduction to tax incentives that are available if you are located in one of Baltimore’s Arts Districts.

“We are proud to partner with PNC Bank to offer this exciting event,” said Baltimore Times Publisher Joy Bramble. “You might not make a million dollars, but small businesses help people to support their families and provide jobs. Small businesses also help blacks and other minority communities to be more sustainable.

“Right now, we have a new, very robust economy. We have to take our place in that economy. There was a time when it was very difficult for minorities to get bank loans. Now banks are bending over backwards to teach you. This event will show entrepreneurs how to start a business and stay in business. This event will provide a wealth of information about the many resources that are available.”

Baltimore native Ramsey Harris is Vice President and Territory CRA Business Advisor in the Retail Lending Distribution Management division at PNC Bank. Harris is responsible for overseeing and executing strategic plans that enable the bank to achieve specific Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) focused goals, and measures of lending to businesses located within designated, inner-city/Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) geographies.

“Baltimore has such a strong spirit of entrepreneurship,” said Harris who is also a minister. “One of my callings is to do all I can to educate and empower minority business owners. I am responsible for the achievement of our CRA goals for the entire East Coast and all points in between. That includes Maryland and Delaware, and from New York to Florida. Baltimore is the highest priority for me.

“I am always excited to partner with The Baltimore Times. I appreciate the paper as a media outlet in the community that gives out accurate information, to our folks via its online and hardcopy editions. The reputation of the paper is stellar. Joy Bramble has a passion for small businesses in the community, and that’s evident through events such as this forum.”

The event will also offer attendees an opportunity to network; learn about new products; find out how they can run their business more efficiently; position themselves more competitively; and how to protect their intellectual property more completely.

Harris will be facilitating a workshop geared towards educating small businesses about credit.

“My workshop will discuss the nuances of business credit and business finance,” he said. “Businesses have to be able to get the credit they need to sustain their business. I will be emphasizing PNC’s proactive approach and commitment to support minority enterprises under our CRA business, lending program. Obviously, Baltimore is home for me and my heart and soul. I have traveled to other cities to teach this forum.

I am excited to be able to teach it in my hometown.”

In addition to Harris, PNC Bank branch manager Sherry Curry will also be among the presenters. The other presenters are: Nicholas Cohen; Everett Sands; Chris Rockey; Carrisa Carson; Adam Holofscener; Paul E. Taylor; Cassandra Vincent; and Takia Ross.

“I will cover the credit part from a traditional banking standpoint, but we have all types of seminars on promoting your business,” said Harris. “We have something for everyone looking to start or grow their business. We handpicked these presenters. We selected individuals who are well informed in their various fields, and operate in excellence in their individual expertise, and who are passionate about their work.

“I am also excited about the partnerships we have with Morgan State University, and Coppin State University. I am particularly proud of the fact that we are utilizing and collaborating with our HBCUS in Baltimore to host these events. PNC has established really impactful and robust relationships with both schools. I am encouraging everyone to come out and take advantage of this empowering event.”

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