How To Protect Your Joints During The Hot Weather


To some of us, summertime implies backyard barbecues, family photos on the beach, and lots of splashing in the neighborhood pool. For others, the word “summer” has less pleasant connotations—humidity, bugs and, yep, even joint pain.

Many people report seasonal or weather-related flare-ups of joint paint. Research on this topic is limited and far from conclusive. One study from Harvard identified no correlation between weather conditions— specifically rainfall— and joint pain. A study from Australian researchers found that high winds were the only weather condition that truly exacerbated joint pain.

A British survey that determined more than half of adults experience joint pain each summer was, perhaps conveniently, led by a company that manufactures joint pain supplements.

Still, the fact remains that many individuals self-report increased joint pain in the summer months. The experts at Saint Agnes Healthcare offer the following suggestions for managing pain as the heat blazes on:

•Drink up. Joint Health Magazine points out that hydration is critical to joint health.

•Shape up. The CDC notes that moderate exercise can be an effective way to manage joint pain. If you are overweight or obese, consider losing weight under your doctor’s supervision. Maintaining a healthy weight will lighten the load on your joints.

•Speak up. According to the CDC, about 25 percent of adults have an extreme form of joint inflammation called arthritis. Don’t suffer in silence. If your joint pain is persistent, make an appointment with your doctor.