‘Life is Full’ Author Encourages Us To Pause, Reflect And Find Our Purpose


What happens when your dream job doesn’t fulfill your spirit? When your friendships aren’t flourishing because you’re too busy to feed them? When your relationship isn’t right for you or when your vision for your life is just not coming together? Some people become depressed, isolate themselves or believe the negative thoughts in their minds align with what is manifesting in their lives. It’s real and part of the human experience but it can also be a gateway to peace, alignment and joy.

Like many other people, author, consultant and coach, Cassandra Vincent experienced a season in her life when she just did not feel fulfilled. After a bad breakup and evaluating her life and choices, she refused to let depression and self-doubt wreak havoc on her spirit and stifle her creativity. She made the choice to tap into her faith in God and powerful reflections that affirmed her purpose. Vincent describes this time of powerful reflection as “a pause.”

Life Is Full

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Life Is Full

The power of pausing, she explains as taking time to unplug, getting back to the core of who you are and embracing the beauty of all that is good.

From that pause her second book, “Life is Full: Musings on the Beauty of Life, Growth and Love,” was birthed.

The Morgan State University graduate says she was inspired to write the book because of several transitions in her life, one of which was her 40th birthday, a milestone that compelled her to reflect on the wisdom she gained from tough life lessons.

“Life is Full” is a celebratory work that that shares the wisdom gained and the upside to shifting your perspective on life, according to Vincent.

These days Vincent is experiencing a fulfilled life because she finds joy in living in alignment with God’s purpose. She realized she needed to relinquish the idea of what her life should be like based on her vision, and exchanged it for a different vision of life that God had in store for her.

In the book, Vincent explains that we are all gardeners going through seasons with the land we are responsible for— our lives. As she began to uproot the weeds— negative thoughts, self-doubt and ingratitude— she planted seeds of positivity in the form of affirmations and gratitude that filled her spiritual tank and created a harvest of abundance in her garden. Through this process, she found her purpose. She knows she is called to teach, affirm and help people through transitions with words.

Along her journey, she kept a journal, worked with mentors and served as a mentor herself to first-year students at her alma mater. Vincent is also a Personal Development

Coach committed to helping people write a new story and learn a new thought process to live their best lives.

Currently, Vincent is working on a companion journal to “Life is Full,” and is interested in partnering with organizations in an effort to get her book to individuals in transitional programs and correctional facilities.

Join Cassandra for her book launch and author discussion on Saturday, June 29, 2019, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Koba Café located at 644 E. Fort Avenue in Baltimore City. To partner with Cassandra Vincent or to purchase her book, visit: www.cassandranvincent.com.