Mack ‘Papi’ Allison IV Continues On Road To Boxing Greatness


When Mack Allison IV next steps inside the boxing ring at the Waldorf Cultural Center on Saturday, May 4, 201, the 21-year-old Baltimore lightweight hopes he’ll emerge with another victory that pushes him closer to a world title bout.

Known as “Papi,” the scheduled match will be the 13th of Allison’s young career, one that has been heavily influenced by his father, Baltimore legend Mack Allison III.

“My dad was the reason I started boxing,” Papi Allison said. “When I was four years old, I used to watch him work out and hit the bag, and it was love at first sight.”

With a professional record of nine wins, two defeats and one draw, Allison is seeking to solidify his reputation as a budding contender.

Fighting since the age of five, Allison finished his 121-fight amateur career with a 94-21 record and 15 amateur titles. Under the tutelage of his famous father and trainer Dave Sewell— both of whom are boxing hall of famers— Allison has also won numerous Golden Glove championships.

He made his pro debut on July 16, 2016 and quickly became the busiest first year fighter in the sport. He made history by jumping out to a 4-0 record within his first 21 days in the ring. Allison also earned the United States Boxing Union championship as a featherweight and he won the 2016 Rookie of the Year in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area.

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“My goal is to become the undisputed World Champion, a legend, and to be able to help the most people I can,” Allison said.

To that end, it only takes the opposition to further amp up the young gladiator.

“When I enter the ring, I know the person across from me is trying to keep me away from conquering my goals,” Allison said. “Any fighter can become successful by using his tools correctly and by listening to his corner.”

His corner, of course, is manned by his father who has guided so many at the Time 2 Grind Boxing Gym in East Baltimore. That’s where Allison III is referred to as “Coach Mack,” and where he has trained many Baltimoreans who also aspire to greatness in and outside of the ring.

Earlier, Allison III told The Baltimore Times that his main goal is to teach the value of having high self-esteem.

“I want them to be able to hold their heads up and say that they’re special and that they can achieve whatever it is they want to,” Allison III said, who can rest assured that his son is paying close attention to his every word.

“My coaches— my dad and Dave Sewell— know a lot about fighting. I pay attention to all their techniques and skills they show me because I know they’re valid,” Papi Allison said. “They both have a lot of experience in fighting, so I know they won’t steer me wrong. My manager James Hogan also teaches me a lot. He has a lot of experience with boxing too.”

Like his dad, Allison possesses a passion for helping others. He also offers sage advice:

“The advice I give young ones is that nothing in life is easy, especially the goals you want to accomplish. You can do it, just stay focused, and don’t quit no matter what,” he said.